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I am a current medical student at King's College London currently studying for a Master's degree in Pharmacology, after which I will complete my final two years of medical school. I have extensive experience volunteering with young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and thoroughly enjoy working with young adults and children. I am passionate about pursing academia later during my career, alongside clinical medicine, and I would hope that I would be involved in teaching as a part of this.

Outside of my degree, I am a keen rugby player, having played for my team for four years. I voted Player of the Year for the 2013/14 season, after which I became captain. I am currently completing my year as club president. I also enjoy long distance running, obstacle racing, weightlifting and skiing. Beyond this, I enjoy all aspects of culture, and have been an avid theatre and concert goer for many years.

Overall, I am a friendly, relaxed and outgoing individual, and I would love the opportunity to put develop my teaching experience further.

Teaching Experience:

I tutored on a voluntary basis from the age of 15 through to 18, primarily focusing on Sciences, Mathematics, and English. This tutoring experience involved both group and individual tutoring. I was also given a role as a pastoral adviser and tutor to younger students during this time period. A. I always thoroughly enjoyed this, and received an award for my contributions to the tutoring scheme at the end of my time at Tonbridge Grammar School. In particular, one of the students I tutored was able to achieve an A in her AS-level Mathematics having started the year at an E.

I continued to pursue both formal and informal teaching opportunities within Medical School, a domain where teaching peers and flexible learning are crucial. I tutored second year medical students during my third year on a weekly basis, both in an individual and group context. I consistently received ratings of 4 or 5 out of 5 on the weekly feedback questionnaires provided, as well as positive verbal feedback. I was also able to use feedback to adapt the sessions I ran to my students, ensuring that their needs were met, maintaining excellent attendance and enthusiasm. I also produced revision materials for my students which I have been told were extremely useful and are still circulated amongst the students within that year. During the summer of my third year, I organised mock practical and written exams for peers in my year, which allowed me to further broaden my teaching experience and improve my skills within peer-to-peer teaching. This continued within my Master's year, during which I have tutored third year students in preparation for both their practical and written exams. I taught during the Street Doctors Year 2 Medicine Revision event, and am due to fulfill a similar role within two more events organised by the KCL Cardiology Society and another by Osler's Room, another peer-based teaching group at King's. All of these roles were voluntary and allowed me to further develop my teaching ability within varied contexts, covering different material each time.

Finally, I have been able to build on my teaching experience further, albeit not in an academic context, during my time as captain and President of one of the Women's rugby teams at King's College London. I run training sessions at least once a week for the team, which involves both one on one and group teaching. In particular, going through tactics and the practicalities of the game to new players can be challenging and has allowed me to become more adaptable and accommodating to different individuals' needs.

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