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My experience in tutoring is extensive:

Firstly I would like to say I have a First Class in a Mathematics degree from UCL (University College London), in addition, I have tutored the following in Mathematics:

At UCL I tutored a set of students during the whole of the summer with me and a few other UCL undergraduates.

Class of 8 and 9 years of age
Class of 10 and 11
Class of 12 and 13
Class of 14 to 16
Class of 17 to 18

All the students in these groups achieved above 95% in there respective exams and tests.

Tutoring was done in these exam areas: 11+ exams, SAT'S, pre-IB, GCSE, IB, A-Levels

I personally can tutor up to 2nd year Undergraduate Mathematics.

Some children I have tutored have ended up with a scholarship at the American School in London
(this school provides children with an American school curriculum, and their students end up with a High School Diploma in 12th grade US). High achieving students get admitted here on a talent basis (meaning if your test scores are so high near perfect this school will give you admission and a scholarship to attend regardless of any pre-requisite tests needed for normal individual admission).

Other children I have tutored have been accepted to an highly ranked international school called ACS International

My teaching/tutoring style:

I would start from the very beginning making sure basic conceptual ideas of mathematics are present and we would work from there because without knowing the fundamental ideas of mathematics more difficult and challenging problems cannot be undertaken; such as (for young age children) pre-algebra or ratios.

I teach in a algorithmic way; meaning I will teach with solved examples and then go through problems and solve them step by step without leaving anything out from the beginning such as combining like terms in an equation to solving for a solution set everything will be done very easily and understandably, and this is done over and over again, and essentially it's a algorithmic way of teaching.

My availability is that I am usually free all week including weekends, and if possible I would prefer a part time position.

I also have a Enhanced DBS certificated dated April 04 2016.
I have also attached my cv/resume and my references.

If you would like to call me on my cell phone please do on 07-426-355-850.

Thank you

Sanjay Patel

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