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English as a Foreign Language
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I just recently finished my degree in Molecular Genetics and I'm about to get my masters in Genomic Medicine. I am the eldest of four kids which means I've had a lot of hands on experience interacting and dealing with kids from an early age. I was born in Nigeria but I grew up in America before doing 3 years of boarding school in Nigeria then moving to London. Having grown up in different parts of the world, I have met different people and spoken to a variety of people. I love travelling and I'm fluent in English, Yoruba and can hold a conversation in French. I also enjoy playing tennis and I do yoga in my spare time.

Teaching Experience:

Private tutor for at least two years and counting.

I have been tutoring since I was at sixth form when I was selected by my maths teacher at school to tutor some students in the neighboring school in GCSE Maths. I also worked with a tuition center for a year tutoring kids in their 11+ as well as their GCSE science and maths exams. I was also involved in running catch-up sessions for children that were falling behind in their studies at the center. Since 2015, I have been working for Mansart Education as a tutor and a sometimes nanny. Last year, I helped a boy prepare for his 13+ common entrance exams and I'm happy to say that he got into his first choice school as well as leaving the bottom division in maths. I am currently working with several kids in preparation for their 11+ exams

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