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I am a recent Oxford graduate with a diverse background in a variety of fields. Born and raised in Germany, I spent a significant part of both my high school and university years in Canada, the US, and the UK (I am bilingual in German and English). My undergraduate degree in Germany included a specialisation in education, which I enjoyed immensely and would very much like to put into practice more than I have been able during the last year.

Teaching Experience:

During my undergraduate degree in Germany, I specialised in education. This entailed that my two subjects at the time – English and Religious Studies – were taught not only in terms of a traditional university curriculum, but also included courses in didactics, focusing on teaching the subjects to children and young adults. In English, this included a class on utilising theatre methods as a means of teaching literature and improving students' vocabulary, as well as courses covering matters such as vocabulary and conversational training.

In early 2012, I spent a month at a German high school teaching students aged 12 to 19 in the subjects English, Religious Studies, German, and Politics. My duties included the autonomous structuring of weekly lesson plans, conducting the lessons themselves, as well as testing and grading. Furthermore, I have worked as a tutor for my undergraduate institution's summer school at the University of Edinburgh, where part of my duties included helping the participants, aged 19 to 25, with their coursework in English Literature and Cultural Studies. These experiences have been very positive ones and have reinforced me in my wish to work in the educational sector.

My aforementioned experiences with teaching as well as my academic studies themselves have instilled in me a strong belief in the importance of a good education, as well as the influence a good work ethic, resilience, and a supportive environment can have on the success of a student. As a teacher, I therefore strive to lead by example in displaying these qualities as a means of encouraging them in my students.

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