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I am a Business Consultant but throughout my working life, I have always given private maths tuition to GCSE students. I also have experience with 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance exams and special needs.

I have a First Class Honours engineering degree from UCL and a master degree from Imperial College.

I have had many successful pupils including one student who had to redo their GCSE and with 2 weeks until the exam, we studied the whole syllabus and got an A!

I enjoy getting to know my pupils and understanding the best way for each of them to learn. Everyone is different. The skill is to quickly identify the areas where each pupil is struggling and address these. To also then ensure that each pupil can attempt questions from a variety of topics all at once, and not in isolation. No question is a stupid question! And all my students feel that during our lessons and therefore maximise their time with me, never leaving a lesson without all the concepts understood!

I also derive real satisfaction from my pupils achieving their desired results. I am often more excited than them!

Agreeing to tutor you/your child, means I am 100% committed to obtaining the desired outcome. I am very honest with progress and often spend time outside of lessons preparing additional material for students to ensure we reach our target.

In my spare time I enjoy flying.

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