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I am a native and qualified Spanish teacher with over 12 years' experience. I have been teaching online Spanish since 2011.
I'm a Bachelor Degree in Art History; I have the Spanish PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) and another Graduate Diploma in Sign Language Interpretation. I hold the QTS since December 2012 and I also have the DBS.
I am also qualified as a Spanish teacher by International House and I am accredited as an official examiner in DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma) A1 and A2 levels by Instituto Cervantes of London.

My students consider that I am an inspirational person who has the ability to inspire and motivate them. Some of them say that when I'm teaching my passion is contagious.
I am creative, communicative and expressive; as an interpreter of Sign Language I am an excellent communicator and I know how to fully engage my students in learning.
I am very demanding of myself as well as with my students but I also am very cheerful and positive person. I like that my students enjoy learning Spanish and I perfectly know how to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for that.

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