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I have an infectious enthusiasm and love for teaching. I seek to understand each pupil's needs and tailor my lessons to meet these requirements. Whilst doing this I also give children the space to empower themselves and think independently- thus realising their true potential.

I am charismatic, creative and relate very well with children. As the oldest of four children (by quite a way), and with over five years of teaching experience (both in the home and in the school environment), I have the skills, expertise, and a uniquely creative approach to tutoring. I also know, very importantly, that tutoring has to be fun for children; this is an essential ingredient to my lessons!

Teaching Experience:

Exams Tutor, 4+, 7+, 8+, Maths, English, Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning. Primary School, Pre-prep, and Prep School Tutor, Nursery- Year 6 (aged 4-11)
Past and current clients attend Garden House, Eaton House, Bute House, Thomas’, Highgate, Colet Court, Wetherby, Latymer, Westminster, Sussex House, Kings, Haberdashers’ Askes’, Dulwich College, St Benedict’s and Latymer Prep. (January 2010- present)
- Prepare tailor- made lessons and exam papers for each pupil, including differentiation and resources. (2000 hours)
- Deliver exciting and stimulating lessons using my creative and musical background. Skills include: training in jolly phonic alphabet, use of songs, games, cross-curricular teaching and drama. (2000 hours)
- Supporting children with SEN, offered additional support in accessing the curriculum to dyslexic pupil, A child with ADHD, and others with EAL. (300 hours)
- Plan and execute trips to the British, Science, and History museums to help tutees access the curriculum and make learning relevant and fun. (60 hours)
- Residential tutoring abroad in Italy and Spain with children aged 4 preparing for 4+ exams. (600+ hours)
- EAL and general support for children across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 (aged 4-11) at School in Central London twice weekly in English and Maths. (1000 hours)

Exam Tutor 11+ Common Entrance, Maths, English, Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning. Past and current clients attend Sussex House, Latymer, Tiffin, Haberdashers' Askes', City of London, Highgate, St Paul's, Kings, Godolphin, Westminster, Highgate, Putney High, Dulwich College, Wellington, Benenden and Marlborough.
(January 2010- present)
-Intensive mock exam tuition, past papers support and assessment of individuals specific revision needs. (2000 hours)
- Monitor, record and assess my tutees progress and communicate these with parents and the tutoring agency.
- Provide all round homework support and additional mentoring. (2000 hours)
- Residential tutoring abroad in Italy and Spain with children aged 7 and 9 preparing for 10+ assessments in English and Maths. (500+ hours)

Spanish Tutor, 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level, and Adults. Past and current clients attend St Gregory’s, Garden House, Sussex House, Eaton House, Benenden, Latymer, Godolphin, Colet Court, Westminster, St Paul’s, Marlborough, Wellington College, Wetherby Prep, and The London Oratory School. (January 2010- present)
-Tailor- made lesson plans to suit individual’s needs, focusing on grammar and vocabulary. (1000 hours)
-Prepared resources, delivered and recorded progress. (Edexcel, OCR, AQA, IGCSE, 1000 hours)
-Intensive mock exam tuition, past papers support and assessment of individuals specific revision needs. (1000 hours)
- Planned trip to Spain and exchange in UK, devised and coordinated curriculum. (50 hours)
- Successfully motivated students to use grammar to communicate more effectively with the world around them.

Volunteer Work as English Teacher, Central and South America (September 2008- May 2009)
-EAL (English taught as an additional language) to pupils aged 7-12 in Mayab School Guatemala. Additional private tuition for 7 and 8 year olds. (200 hours)
-Volunteer work for organization ‘Making A Difference’ in Peru teaching English to victims of earthquake. Mixed classes of 5- 15 year olds.
- Created specific curriculums that were suitable for these groups of children and all of my own teaching resources.
-Taught singing and athletics to children aged 3-7. (100 hours)

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