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About Me
To be a good tutor you have to tailor to the individual. I have a strong belief in the fact that the same teaching method doesnt work for everyone, and tuition in the form of explanations, interpretations and discussions should be focused on the strengths of the tutee. In my experience a good tutor is one that can, whilst engaging in an animated and interesting way with the student, adapt his or her style to suit the situation. What is easily accessible to one is not to all, and being able to modify my style to meet the needs of the individual, is something that has been nurtured by my studying and experience thus far. In conjunction with an ability to adapt, interest is also paramount. From personal experience if a topic is interesting, and can be seen in the real world, it tends to stick more and can be recalled easily. This is why I strive to put concepts and ideas into real life context, with examples the student is likely to be able to familarise with. In my opinion, a good educationalist is not one who expresses their ability through lecture, but through the acquisition of knowledge by their students.

Hobbies and Interests
Outside of teaching I share passions for sports and music in equal measure. I am a keen triathlete, engaging in several events annually across a range of disciplines, often aiming for and achieving a personal best. Away from the track or pool I like to relax by playing guitar and piano, or by watching films, an interest I share with many of my friends. Although in recent years my life has become busier I still have a fervor for charity work, having worked and raced for many healthcare charities. While this has taken a back-seat in recent times, working with charities is immensely rewarding and something I hope to re-engage with fully in the coming months.

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