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Personal Statement

About Me
My specialist subject areas include: Common Entrance preparation, English, Music and Acting.

What makes me a good tutor?
I believe that the most important skill in helping anyone to learn is empathy. I enjoy getting to know my students and in doing so, their way of thinking, so that I might ascertain the most appropriate methods to help them overcome their weaknesses and develop their strengths.

As Head Girl at school, I was the first to hear from any of the younger girls if they were unhappy or struggling and regularly met with teachers to solve any cases of bullying. I assisted in running workshops with the arts department for Year 6 children to build their confidence as they looked forward to joining the school as Year 7 students.

I have recently enjoyed working with two childrens theatre companies where the ability to interact, inspire and build empathy with the children was essential.


Masters from, The Central School of Speech
2:1 from, Durham University
A grades at A-Level in Music, English Literature and History
10 A/A*s at GCSE

At school I was Head Girl, Managing Director of Young Enterprise, Head of Choir, Head of Chamber Choir and played for the 1st Team in: Netball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Basketball, Rounders, Tennis and Badminton. I was selected to play in the Canada Sports Tour.

After graduating from Durham University, I joined a graduate scheme with Michael Page International, Financial Services Banking sector. They are a blue chip, multinational organisation and a publicly quoted, global recruitment agency.

I left to study for my Masters in Acting Music Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech Drama and have been working as a professional actor and tutor for three years.

*** I am an approved SLT Senior Tutor. Please note my higher hourly rate. ***

Recent Tuition
The most recent subjects I have tutored in are:

English (Reading, Writing, Non-Verbal Verbal Reasoning) Common Entrance 7+, 11+ and 13+
Mathematics Common Entrance 7+, 11+ and 13+
Music and Drama GCSE A Level
Acting Singing
Interview Preparation

Selection of Clients:

Rosena (aged 17) A-level Music tutorials throughout her final year (scored an A in her listening exam and secured a place at her first choice university).
James (aged 16) GCSE Music tutorials throughout his final year (awarded an A grade). I am currently tutoring James for his Music and Drama AS Level examinations.
Rory (aged 12) 13+ Common Entrance English preparation on a weekly basis and Zara (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance Pre-test preparation (both successfully gained entrance to St. Johns).
Jeff (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance Interview and English preparation twice a week for 2 months (gained entrance to Alleyns, Latymer and Kings College).
Una (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance Interview, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics preparation twice a week for 4 months (gained entrance to Francis Holland, St. James-and Queens Gate).
Millie (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance Interview, English and Mathematics preparation twice a week for 4 months (gained entrance to Francis Holland, Channing, Northbridge House and Queens College).
Annabel (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance English and Mathematics preparation on a weekly basis for 6 months (gained entrance to Channing and Queens College).
Luke (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation on a weekly basis for 6 months (gained entrance to Hampton, Kings College and St. Benedicts).
Anna (aged 10) 11+ Common Entrance English preparation twice a week for 6 months (accepted a place at Francis Holland).
Nikita, Lexie and Carina (aged 10) Grammar School 11+ Examination preparation over the summer in: English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
Isabella (aged 10) Senior School Drama Scholarship audition preparation (awarded the scholarship). Subsequently, we have met for professional film audition preparation.
Basma (aged 15) Cultural trips and mentoring over her summer holiday in a country which was new to her.
Theo (aged 6) and Isabella (aged 13) Elocution lessons.
Jaami (aged 9) required Interview coaching and intensive preparation for his Entrance Examination in Mathematics and English (successfully achieved entrance into Cranbrook School).
Yehya (aged 9), Nicholas (aged 9) and Fionn (aged 10) Intensive English and Mathematics tuition over the summer holidays.
Anchu (aged 6) 7+ Common Entrance English preparation, Elocution and Interview sessions on a weekly basis for 4 months (gained entrance to Westminster Under School and Dulwich Prep).
Rocco (aged 6) Intensive English and Mathematics tuition twice a week for 3 months (prepared him for his first term at a new school).
Joshua (aged 7) Intensive Mathematics Support on a weekly basis.
Joris (aged 5) and Claire (aged 8) English Support and Development on a weekly basis.

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