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About Me
My specialist subjects are Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Final-year Imperial College Chemical Engineering Student
From China mainland.
Skilled in the joint session between A-Level Physics and Chemistry.

Recent Tuition
I have over 4 and a half years experience as a GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level and IB tutor, in Maths, Physics and Chemistry primarily. What follows is a selections of clients, representative of my experience, covering GCSE and IGCSE (Chemistry, Maths, Addition Maths and Physics), IB (Physics) and A-Level (Chemistry, Maths and Physics):

IB Maths with Derrick - intensive lessons during school holidays since August 2013.
IB Maths and Physics with Nicolo - intensive lessons during school holidays since October 2013. We have been preparing for Nicolo to gain 6s and 7s in his final exams this May.
IB Physics and Chemistry with Ben:

Intensive sessions with Ben in preparation for his IB re-sit exams, from August 2013-Nov 2013.

A-Level Chemistry (Edexcel) with Razi:

Weekly sessions with him from Dec. 2012 and achieved A from low B.

A-Level Maths (Edexcel) with Alice:

Weekly sessions from March 2013. Achieved A in maths from C.

IGCSE Physics and Chemistry with Nick:

Weekly lessons, achieved from E in Maths to A (IGCSE, CIE). E in Physics to B (2 marks to A, Edexcel) and C in Chemistry(Core, Maximun C).

AS Chemistry and Physics (OCR) with Zong Hao:

Day tutoring for the Haft-term and Christmas (2011), and weekend in-house tutoring at from Dec.11 - Jan 2012. From predicted C grade to an A in Chemistry and Physics.

AS and A2 Chemistry (OCR), Maths(Edexcel) and Physics (OCR) with Si:

Student from Duff Miller College. Weekend in-house tutoring from Sept. 10 - June 2012. From predicted B grades to an A in Maths and Physics. From predicted C grade to an A in Chemistry in AS-level.

AS Level Chemistry (CIE) with Oliver:

Day tutoring over the Christmas Holiday 2011.

AS Physcis (Edexcel) with Sumeet and Rav:

Weekend in-house tutoring from March 10 - May 10. From a predicted C grade to an A (Range of subjects Physics / Edexcel/AS-Level)

A2 Physics (Edexcel) with Samj:

Weekend in-house tutoring at the from Sept. 10 - May 11. From a predicted C grade to an A.

A2 Physcis (OCR) with Haraze:

Weekend in-house tutoring from Sept. 10 - June 11. From a predicted C grade to an A.

AS Chemistry (CIE) with Ziyue:

Residential tutoring over the Christmas holiday 2010, and weekend in-house tutoring from Jan. 11to May 11. From a predicted C grade to an A.

IB HL Physics

Intensive revision over the Christmas holiday 2012 with a student preparing for final IB exams in May. We covered only HL topics (motion in fields, thermos, waves and energy) because the student was confident with all the SL work. We had 10 tutoring sessions of 2 hours, covering one topic each session (20 hours. The results are pending summer 2013.

Ive worked with students of a range of different nationalities, such as British, Chinese, Indian and Middle East. All of them have a large improvements.

Prior to this I worked for my high school for 8 weeks, helping with university admissions.

I also worked for 3 weeks in a UK Sixth Form school class as a teaching assistant and used to visit a local school once a week.

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Tips: Please remember to include what subject was taught, to what level and any results that were achieved

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