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About Me
Most importantly, I want to motivate my tutees in a way to elevate them from simply studying, to truly understanding, following my vision of a sustainable and lifelong learning process. With a strong background in both Sciences and Languages, I am excited to develop a tailor-made study approach for each of my tutees to the fascinating world of Economics and the depths of the German language, drawing on my specialist academic expertise in these areas. Likewise I am looking forward to offer my skills in Advanced Maths and French, both at University level.
Moreover, with a rich history of abroad experiences, apart from my undergraduate degree in the UK, including a semester abroad in Sydney through the exchange programme Universitas 21 and internships in Hong Kong, Liechtenstein/Switzerland and the UK, I am passionate about sharing my experience and assisting students during the application process to help them take on these fantastic opportunities themselves.

Sept 2015 - present London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), MSc Management
2012 - 2015 University of Nottingham, BSc Hons Economics (graduated summa cum laudeYear 3 Performance Price)
2004 - 2012 Gymnasium Schillerstraae (Grammar School), Austrian Matriculation (graduated summa cum laude, 4.5 GPA equivalent)

Recent Tuition

Universitas 21 Exchange Programme Application with Anoushka - I helped Anoushka to get a place on the prestigious U21 Exchange Programme offered at Nottingham University. I advised her on her strategy for the application process (choice of University, online application, final round interview and pre-departure administration and preparation). More specifically we discussed her personal statement and prepared for the final round with mock interview sessions. Anoushka has left for her semester abroad in July and currently studies at the University of New South Wales.
Mathematical Economics/Econometrics/Microeconomics Tutoring with Katherine - During her undergraduate course I helped Katherine tackle her Quantitative Economics core courses. On a fortnightly basis we worked through the lecture material and a list of specific applied questions covered in Tutorials, as well as additional problem sets to strengthen her mathematical skill set. Katherine graduated with Upper Second Class Honours and has recently started her Graduate Scheme in London.
Maths and Physics Tutoring with Rena e - Rena e was preparing for his AS-level equivalents in High School and came to me for work on his performance in Mathematics and Physics. Twice a week for a period of 2 months we worked through material covered in class and background textbook readings and tracked his performance through a specifically designed problem set I adapted to each weeks curriculum, and then corrected and provided feedback in each consecutive session. Rena es grades improved from a C prediction to A in Maths and B in Physics and he is currently preparing for his final exams (A-level equivalent).
French Tutoring with Markus - I helped Markus to get back on track in French, one of his core courses in Grammar School. During our fortnightly meetings over the course of 4 months, we worked on 3 key areas: grammar, written and oral skills. The former two, we strengthened through homework assignments, which were then discussed and worked on for half an hour of each consecutive meeting. Apart from that I emphasised on the fact that our meetings were, when possible only held in French so to practice spoken French. Moreover a short question and answer game at the beginning and/or end of each session on a current topic rounded off the oral training. After failing his first formative examination in that year, Markus improved his French grades to a B average. He graduated from High School with distinction and is about to start his undergraduate studies at the University of Zurich.

Hobbies and Interests
Outside my academic and professional life, I am passionate about music, sports and languages/travelling! Having played the violin for 12 years (solo and in a youth symphonic orchestra), classical solo vocal training and gospel choir performances I am now looking forward to start my jazz vocal training in London. Besides that I count skiing, competitive dance and lacrosse to my favourite hobbies. Last but not least I love to travel and all the experiences that come with learning a language and exploring a new culture.

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