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English Literature

About Me
I am an experienced, enthusiastic and adaptable teacher of French with English. I bring a wealth of experience from whole class teaching at Key Stages 3 and 4 to managing smaller groups at A level. Most recently, I have been mentoring and supporting Year 11 students in preparation for English Language examinations as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness.

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Languages and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) in MFL and English. I have also studied German, Italian and Spanish as well as linguistics.

As all students learn and work differently, I tailor sessions to meet the needs of my students. My enthusiastic, creative, positive approach can improve students grades, bring exam success, confidence and enjoyment. I also teach exam technique for both the AQA French GCSE examinations, as well as the new AQA GCSE English Language exam, to ensure that students hard work is reflected in their excellent results. I have also tutored students in preparation for the iGCSE English Language papers.

1999 Wellington College of Education, Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)
1996 BA Honours, Modern Languages with English and Linguistics (First)
1990 AS French (A), German (A), History (A), Classical Studies (A), Economics (B)
1988 GCSE Maths (A), English (B), French (A), German (A), Latin (A), History (A), Home Economics (A)

Recent Tuition
Most recently I have been working as an academic mentor supporting students and staff in the English Faculty in a local secondary school. This involved tutoring individuals and small groups of up to 4 students as well as supporting individuals in class. I worked with many students who had English as an additional language.
As an academic mentor I supported students in Years 10 and 11. In Year 10, I worked with small groups helping students to develop a strong foundation in grammar to improve their writing skills. We also worked on reading skills: how to approach a text: skimming, scanning for information, close reading, analysis of language techniques and the effect these have on the reader. In Year 11, the focus was more on exam technique and skills required for the iGCSE Language paper. Here, I tailored sessions to the needs of individual students. I also assisted individual students with their coursework: proofreading, how to improve structure, how to choose vocabulary for effect.

Naeema (GCSE, Year 10) - Naeema had many good ideas but could not express them clearly in her written work. Our sessions were designed to help her improve her writing skills: using a variety of sentence types, using sentences for effect, choosing appropriate vocabulary, structure of paragraphs and text cohesion. I also supported her with her Shakespeare coursework.
Sabina (GCSE, Year 10) - Sabina struggled with the development of her writing. We worked on how to structure a PEE paragraph so that she could develop her ideas more clearly, using a range of sentences and connectives.
Asma (GCSE, Year 11) - Asma has EAL and dyslexia. I supported Asma in lessons ensuring she could understand the class texts and respond clearly, developing her points logically and concisely. This also helped Asma develop confidence to speak in class and express herself.
George (GCSE, Year 11) - EAL. I supported George in lessons to help him access the lesson content. I helped him with reading and writing, ensuring he had a sound understanding of vocabulary and grammar.
Emanuel (GCSE, Year 11) - Emanuel suffered anxiety especially leading up to exams. I supported him with mindfulness techniques such as breath awareness to help him ground and feel calm before exams.

Hobbies and Interests
Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, running, dancing, choral singing, nutrition, baking.

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