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English Literature

About Me
I have been a tutor for three years.

Having been someone who struggled with dyslexia throughout my school career, learning didnt come as easily as it did for my peers. I therefore I had to work harder and break things down into simpler steps for myself in order to stay at the same levels as my contemporaries. Therefore, when teaching I understand the frustration of not getting something straight away but realise that by simplifying something or looking at it a different way, everyone can eventually achieve their potential, it just may not be achieved through the classroom alone. Having someone to look at things objectively, to demystify and to help find strategies to cope with complex work can enormously boost a students confidence. I have found this in my experience tutoring my tutees. Therefore hopefully I can bring a high level of patience and empathy for someone struggling, and logical/practical steps to help unravel problems a student may be having with their work which in turn would hopefully increase their self-confidence in their academic ability.

I work with students at any level and specialise in tutoring Religious Studies (theology/ philosophy and ethics) and English Literature/Language, History and Oxbridge interview technique. I also tutor students with dyslexia/dyspraxia or those who need help with their reading or writing.

2014-presentRoyal Academy of Music

Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM)

2014-2015 - Royal Academy of Music PGDip.
2011-2014- University of Oxford, BA Theology 2.1
2009-2011 Westminster School, Sixth Form.

English Cambridge Pre-U (2 year course): Distinction Grade 1
A levels:

History (A)
Religious Studies: Philosophy Ethics (A)

AS Levels: History (A) Religious Studies (A) Economics (A)

2004-2009- Francis Holland School, Graham Terrace GCSE: 8 A* and 2 As:

Biology (A*) Chemistry (A*)English Literature (A*) English Language (A*) French (A*)History (A*)Maths (A)Music (A*) Physics (A)Religious Studies short course (A*).

Recent Tuition

Teaching qualification : Current - Royal Academy of Music - Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM). I am currently working towards a teaching qualification specifically designed in training you to teach one-to-one lessons. Studied the Principles of Teaching under Paul Harris one of the UKs leading educationalists. Classes included how to motivate your pupils, how to bring a pupils confidence back and learning various methods of teaching.
Oxbridge application: I am currently participating in a programme which is working along side Teach First. The programme pairs a pupil looking to apply to Oxbridge with a mentor. The mentors role is to help with their personal statement, help build their confidence, guide them with their reading, dispel any myths or anxieties about the application process and give them interview techniques/practice.
A level/ Oxbridge Application/ English : I worked with an A level student with their application for university, in this case an applicant applying for English at Oxbridge. This mainly involved reading through her draft personal statements. She had done a vast amount of reading and was clearly enthusiastic about her subject. Perhaps due to a lack of confidence she felt the need to prove how much she had read rather than focusing on an analysis of what she had read. We therefore went back to her personal statement and critiqued her work together, making sure everything she wrote was substantiated and had a purpose for being listed. I questioned her on the books that shed read to make sure that she was only putting books that she could confidently talk about at interview stage. The girl in question gained a place to read English at St Catherines College Oxford.
A Level/ English : I have worked with an A Level student helping her with English Coursework. The pupil in question had fantastic ideas and was clearly very capable, however she had difficulty making her work a coherent whole rather a number of fragmented ideas. We therefore worked on improving her structure in her essay writing. We helped achieve this through teasing out her own argument for each essay, getting her to break that argument down into three main points and making this the skeleton of her essay plan. The writing was all her own but together we managed to change her approach, enabling her strong ability to be reflected in her writing.
13 +/ School application/ History : I have experience working as a history tutor for a boy applying for Westminster School. The boy had a vast amount of historical knowledge on the topics that hed learnt at school, however his essays tended to read like a list of facts without thorough analysis. When you questioned his opinion on the facts, he promptly gave an analytical response. Had he written this down it would have improved his essay ten-fold. We concentrated on how he planned his essays, making sure that we had a format for what should be included in each paragraph, crucially including an analysis or comparison of the facts. With this format he was able to have a system in place which would allow him to show not only the scope of his knowledge but also help get his many interesting ideas and opinions on paper. The boy in question got into Westminster and was graded two grades above what he had initially been predicted for History.

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from being a private tutor, I also work as a professional actor. Alongside acting I have written and devised a play with a theatre company and took it to the Edinburgh fringe last year. We had an incredibly enjoyable month and were nominated for an NSDF award for our endeavours! When Im not working I love to go to the theatre, look round art galleries and read as much as I can. I also play the piano and practice my singing as much as I can.

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