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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English literature and music. I also teach English language and Italian. I think the three key things that make me a good tutor are: my passion for teaching, my ability to listen, and my knowledge of how to adapt to students-needs.

For me, the challenge of explaining concepts is really thrilling, and I find the lightbulb moment - when a pupil comprehensively grasps a new idea - really satisfying. The satisfaction I get from seeing students use skills developed during tutorials to make their own discoveries makes me want to go the extra mile
to put in extra preparation time, to photocopy useful worksheets in advance, and turn up on time. I really enjoy building meaning teaching relationships with students that set an example and stimulate their desire to learn.

I believe sensitivity is a crucial attribute, and this is one of qualities that makes me a good tutor. Understanding exactly what a pupil needs (and how that intersects with what they want to achieve) is really important, and a teacher must work out optimal learning strategies for their pupils. This isnt always easy, as sometimes students dont recognise the skills that need the most work. Being a sensitive tutor means finding a balance between offering space to think and inspiring curiosity through interpersonal engagement.

Adaptability is also crucial, and its something Ive developed through my instrumental music teaching. Being able to react to what a student presents you with and to juggle lesson structures or learning plans accordingly is important for making the most of the time available. Adapting the way in which you teach is also crucial in order to interact effectively with the student and to suit their level of ability and learning style. This is really critical, and my experience in reacting to students-needs would be invaluable as an academic tutor for Simply Learning Tuition.

2015 - 2016 London School of Economics, MSc Social Policy
2011 - 2015 University of Edinburgh, MA (hons) English Literature, First Class
2004 - 2010 Dulwich College


A* - English Literature (coursework used as model answer by WJEC), Music
A - Italian


A - English Literature, History, Music, Italian


A* - English Language, English Literature, Italian, French, German, Music, Biology, Physics
A - Maths, History, Chemistry

Recent Tuition

SK: Ive taught Shugo the violin and viola on-and-off for the last two years, giving him sessions to supplement his instrumental music lessons. I helped him prepare intensively for grade 3 viola and grade 6 violin, both in which he achieved a merit. Earlier this year I helped him prepare for a music audition at Winchester College, to which he won a music exhibition. In doing so, I helped him gain a deeper theoretical understanding of harmony.
EJ: Two years ago I helped Eliot to prepare for his written GCSE Music exam, and also accompanied him for the recorded practical element of the exam. He achieved an A.
JB: I helped Josh in preparing for his grade 5 violin, and got him started on the viola.
KD: Three years ago I gave Kieran extra tuition in the violin. He is a lively character, and found it challenging to maintain concentration in his weekly lessons. I provided a high-energy half hour that encouraged him to persist with practice.
Dulwich Youth Orchestra:ve worked as a string tutor on Dulwich Youth Orchestra, helping to get young people between the ages of 8 and 16 playing together in an ensemble

Hobbies and Interests
When I am not studying or teaching, I like to play the viola, go running, and attend the theatre. Ive also recently taken up sailing.

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