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About Me
My specialist subject is History. I also teach Extended Project at a sixth-form college, and have experience tutoring English as a Foreign Language, and English Literature. I am highly driven, organised and focused, and my interest in History and teaching in general means that I am constantly looking for ways to learn more, and teach in more engaging and diverse ways. I have experience teaching 1-to-1 and in classes ranging from 7 to 27 students, which allows me to deal with students of any attainment level, and to assist with a wide variety of learning styles and needs. I studied at the University of Oxford and bring my work ethic from my undergraduate and post-graduate studies to my work. I understand all major examination boards and have been trained on the requirements of the new A-level specification. All these characteristics and my interest in and commitment to the success of my students make me a good tutor.
October 2013-August 2015, Oxford University, MSt in Literature and Arts, grade expected October2015-January 2016
September - December 2013, The Henley College, PTLLS, Attained
October 2009-July 2012, Oxford University, BA in History, 2.1
2003-2009, Madach Imre Gimnazium, Hungary, Matura Examination [A-Level equivalent, 5=A], Mathematics 5, English Language 5, Hungarian Grammar and Literature 5, German Language 5, Advanced History 5
Recent Tuition
A-Level History with Oscar - I taught Oscar AS History as the start of his A-level programme. We worked on the history of Fascist Italy and Spain, and on the changing nature of warfare in Britain, both for AS examinations. He was a troubled student who had had to drop out of school after GSCEs when his father passed away, and a lot of what we did centred on rebuilding his confidence. 1-to-1 tuition suited him as he did not have to feel old compared to everyone else, and he progressed very well, mastering the requirements of AS-level history. He did not know yet where he wanted to go to university because of his personal issues, but we were working towards catching him up with his peers. We successfully met his objective of completing AS History.
Edexcel coursework with Nadine - Nadine and I worked on her A-level coursework in her second year. At school she achieved a D on it, and she was not happy with this. I identified the areas for improvement, and assisted her in understanding the requirements for an A-grade piece of work. She successfully re-wrote both components of her assignment. Her finished work on the Russian revolution and Rasputin was of an advanced standard, showing excellent understanding of source analysis.
AS and A2 retake for university application with Georgie - I helped Georgie with her Edexcel retakes for her application to Loughborough University. She had to re-sit her AS module on the Henry VIII, and A2 on the English Civil War. Her main problem was exam technique, and in the six months period I worked with her we focused on past questions and essay technique. We followed an intensive course of lessons, in the beginning of each with a mock question, and this allowed her to succeed in her resist
she was accepted into Loughborough.
History Aptitude Test preparation with Ed - I worked with Ed for a months on his HAT technique, as he wanted to study History at Oxford. We worked on his ability to think and write fast under pressure, on his understanding of the technique necessary for answering each question type, and on his ability to draw form a wide pool of knowledge. Through weekly practice we improved his performance, helping him complete the test in the allocated time, at a far higher standard.
A-level History tuition with Elysia - I helped Elysia work on her AS History modules before her exams. She struggled with essay-writing and wanted to achieve at least a C
with her largely science-based programme the adjustment to the different skill set was difficult. I helped her come up with a clear template she could follow for her Unit 1 essays, and we worked on her timing, practicing her exam-situation planning and writing. For Unit 2 we adjusted the Unit 1 template to include sources, and we worked on her source analysis, helping her memorise a list of questions she could ask about sources, to help her analyse them. She achieved her C overall, even exceeding it in Unit 2, where she got a high B. She is now working on her A2 units, but we are also booked for another three months of tuition before exams, to ensure she gets a B in History overall. We are also going to work on her Unit 2 again, as now that C has become a realistic target, she would like a higher grade.
GCSEs with Zoje - I taught Zoje a complete GSCE History programme, delivering content on Nazi Germany, American Civil Rights, and Chinese Communism. I devised a series of skills sessions for Zoje, too, as he struggled with putting his knowledge into the correct format on examination questions papers. Our one-year programme was successful, as Zoje completed his History GCSE, which he previously failed, and even achieved an A in his Controlled Assessment.
Hobbies and Interests
My main interest is literature, I read extensively from classics in English as well as world literature. I also play the piano and attend high intensity interval training twice a week. I have just completed a Masters degree on interdisciplinary history, both a hobby and a potential career path.

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