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History of Art

About Me
My specialist subjects are English Maths up to 11+ level, History of Art and Music. I also teach the violin.
I aim to enliven a subject with energy and enthusiasm and believe encouragement is vital for a student to be inspired to learn more and think for themselves. I realise the importance of individual attention and strive to cater specifically to the students needs using imaginative and innovative methods.
I have experience tutoring students of varying ages, nationalities and abilities which has helped me to adopt various techniques to help the student. With English I encourage deep analysis of texts and eloquent writing. For History of Art I believe in the importance of learning how to take time to truly look at their subject.
Having studied the violin and piano at the Royal College of Music I also offer private violin lessons. I have considerable orchestral experience from playing in the top orchestra at University and having gained Music scholarships to both schools, can help pupils achieve.

2010-2014 University of Edinburgh Masters of Arts with Honours History of Art
2008-2010 Godolphin and Latymer School A levels: History of Art (A), Music (A), English (B). AS Level: Art (A)
2003-2008 Queens Gate School GCSEs: 9 graded A*/A

Recent Tuition
I have a broad range of experience in teaching. As a young student I taught the Violin to help fund my way through university at Edinburgh and I private tutored for 11+ and Music GCSE. More recently after completing my degree, I moved to Rome for a year. I taught English at two Italian public schools, where I devised original lesson plans to successfully stimulate groups of feisty teenagers. I provoked controversial conversations to foster not only their language but also to encourage them to think autonomously. Throughout my year I tutored English as a foreign language to adults and children with fantastic results. I also worked at the Keats Shelley Museum where I developed my communication skills as a tour guide, giving lectures and inspiring and eliciting dialogue with the visiting student groups.

Please read the case studies below for some examples representative of my experience.

Secondary school teacher: Teaching classes of up to thirty 15/16 year olds and adult teachers. I focused on encouraging interaction through conversation, debates and role-plays. I adapted the curriculum to keep the content interesting and challenging for the range of capabilities that my students had. I received positive feedback both from the school and my students.
GCSE Music Nadia (aged 14) preparation on a weekly basis. A student struggling with her composing and performing skills. We began by listening to various pieces of music to enable her appreciation of instrumental resources. Since Nadia was a violinist, we decided to use this as the tool to play with musical motifs. Throughout our lessons Nadia wrote down her ideas in order to show the process of her composition and allow her to learn the discipline of composing. This also allowed her to become familiar with the annotation required for the exam, as well as understand why certain form was chosen or rejected.
11+ preparation Olivia (aged 9) on a weekly basis for entrance to Godolphin and Latymer. We covered Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. Olivia was enthusiastic about Maths and mainly accurate in her answers. I aimed to encourage her speed by working through different methods of answering. Although Olivia loved to read, she often found it a challenge to put her ideas into a coherent form. We worked together by making many plans and playing with the possible story lines.
Violin Matthew (aged 11) lessons on a weekly basis for one year working towards his Grade 4. We concentrated a lot on technique to improve his use of vibrato and play with less tension in his arms and neck. Matthew found the sight reading and scales a challenge and so this was also focused on. He gained a Distinction in his exam.
English and Mathematics Support twice per week. Leonardo (aged 6) and Sofia (aged 4). We played games to encourage their use of English and worked through various maths challenges to make Leonardo more comfortable with school work.
English Support and Development Riccardo (aged 5) on a weekly basis. Riccardo couldnt understand any English when I met him and so we started with a slow introduction. After some initial irritation, Riccardo was happy for me to speak in English and so the interaction became more comfortable. By the end of the 9 months, he was repeating various phrases and understanding the majority of what I was saying.
English Support Leo and Jacob for six consecutive summers. I stayed with the family for a month every summer helping to develop their English confidence. Through reading, writing and speaking I could see steady progress in their ability.

Hobbies and Interests
I have a passion for acting and, having learnt Italian, watching the great Italian classics. I love to play the violin, go to art galleries and as often as possible to the theatre.

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