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About Me
I specialise in tutoring Maths and French, either as an on-going process to complement school work during the course of the academic year, or for more intensive exam preparation. I also teach Sciences and English and provide other support such as study skills, CV and interview preparation.
I am enthusiastic and personable with buckets of patience, which enables me to build a productive relationship with my students and gain their trust. My approach to tutoring is to focus on building the student's confidence and engaging them with the subject matter, adapting lessons to suit their needs and learning style.
2008 - 2012, University of Bath, BSc(Hons) International Management French, 2.1
2006 - 2008, Pates Grammar School (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), A Level Maths (A), French (B), Biology (B), General Studies (A), AS Level Chemistry (B)
2001 - 2006, Stroud High School (Gloucestershire), GCSEs in French, Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, English Language, ICT, History, Design Technology, Art (All A*/A grade)
Recent Tuition
GCSE Maths one-to-one classroom support with Josh
- Josh was a GCSE student with ADHD who was struggling to keep up with the rest of the class in Maths, and as a result demonstrated disruptive behaviours. I worked with him one-to-one during these lessons to give him the focus and attention he needed. I worked through topics with him, breaking down questions and adjusting my approach to suit his learning needs. As a result I saw a significant improvement in Josh's engagement with the subject and confidence in tackling Maths problems over the short time we worked together.
GCSE Science one-to-one classroom support
- Laura was a GCSE student with a physical handicap which meant she needed support in science lessons. I worked closely with her throughout the school year, helping with reading and scribing, as well as building her confidence in the classroom.
GCSE French classroom support
- I worked with several GCSE french students who were struggling to focus and keep up with the class. This focused on improving their engagement with the language and encouraging them to practice their speaking skills in particular.
Practice interview sessions with university students
- I led practice interview sessions with first year students at the University of Bath on behalf of Deloitte. Each student had an individual practice interview, followed by a feedback session in which we discussed their performance and gave guidance on how to improve. As well as interview technique we also worked on optimising their CVs, proving both general tips and specific feedback to each individual. All of the students were grateful for the useful practice opportunity and said it gave them a confidence boost for their upcoming industrial placement applications.
Business Mentoring and study skills with Lily
- Lily was a year 10 student from a disadvantaged background, who struggled with focus in her studies. My primary role was to act as a business mentor, providing a role model from outside of her school and home setting (working as a management consultant). We met regularly to discuss her progress and help her to put her school work into the context of her future career options. I also worked with her on study skills, such as planning a revision timetable for her year-end exams. Since Lily was hoping to find employment over the summer, we worked together to develop her CV and practice interview skills. Over the course of the year I saw a marked improvement in Lily's confidence and level of focus on her school work.
University summer schools
- I have four years' experience organising and supervising week-long residential taster sessions at the University of Bath, for GCSE and above students. Activities which I organised for the students included subject taster sessions, finance and budgeting skills, UCAS guidance and other informative sessions and practical activities. The focus of the residential is to boost the student's confidence and interest in higher education, as well as giving them the tools and knowledge to understand all of the options available to them and prepare for university applications.
English as a foreign language with Mathis (8) and Romain (4)
- Whilst in Paris I tutored Mathis and Romain in English, reguarly collecting them from school in the afternoons for practice sessions. Both boys appeared to have a good level of understanding but lacked confidence in speaking English, so the majority of my tutoring sessions was dedicated to engaging with them through conversation and language-based activities and games. Over the course of their tuition I was able to build a strong rapport with the boys and as a result increase their confidence and fluency.
Primary reading tuition
- During my studies I supported several primary school students who were struggling with reading. Through weekly practice sessions to complement their schoolwork I helped to build their confidence and reading fluency.
Hobbies and Interests
I previously worked as a management consultant at Deloitte, but am currently taking time out from the corporate world to focus on opportunities within education.
I love to cook and have recently developed a more experimental baking style, creating cakes made from vegetables - a bit wacky but usually delicious!
To keep fit (and balance out the cakes) I play badminton every weekend and also love to take dance and yoga classes. I'd describe myself as very much a fair-weather runner so you might find me in the park on a sunny day!
I also volunteer in my spare time
I do pro-bono marketing work for a growing social enterprise and volunteer as a tutor for disadvantaged GCSE students in London.

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