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About Me
My specialist subjects are (Biology:GCSE-A-level and Microbiology: BSc-MSc) and I also teach (Chemistry and Spanish to GCSE level).

I have been tutoring since the start of my Bachelors degree, and so far have tutored over I5 students in GCSE Chemistry, Biology and Spanish and A-level Biology. As a PhD student I have been given many opportunities to assist post-graduate students in the Laboratory, as well assisting them with their studies. During my time as a tutor I have worked with incredibly high achieving students who only required moral support, intellectual stimulation and an improved exam technique to push their grades up. I have also worked with very low achieving students who showed little interest for their subject areas, and required me to really break a subject or principle down to its roots and explain it in the simplest manner possible. In my opinion the most important tool a person can have is a passion for a subject, once a deep and meaningful interest for a subject has sparked, there are no boundaries to success.

I have always found tutoring to be a very rewarding experience. In particular, aiding students who struggle to grasp scientific concepts. I believe I have an ability to make complex or convoluted scientific principles understandable and I take a real pleasure in disseminating my knowledge to inspire students to develop a real passion for science. I always strive to develop my students inherent abilities to learn new information. I believe that any student can get an A* at GCSE or A-level. In my eyes there is no such thing as a student who lacks potential, what they often lack is motivation. This is something I always try and give my students.

Doctor of Philopsophy (PhD): Bacterial Genetics. Imperial College London (2013-present)
Master of Science (MSc): Medical Microbiology. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2012-2013)
Bachelor of Science (BSc): Biomedical Sciences. University of Westminster. Grade: 2.1 (69%) (2009-2012)
A-levels: Spanish (A), Biology (C), Psychology (C) and Chemistry (D)
GCSE: Spanish (A*) Science (AA) Maths (B) ICT (B) French (B) English (B)

Recent Tuition
Below are some examples of previous students I have tutored:

Science GCSE (AQA), Yosef B- I tutored Yosef on a weekly basis, in an attempt to ensure he would pass his upcoming science GCSE exam. Prior to my tuition his knowledge was very poor and he was not passing mock exam papers.
Biology (AQA) and Spanish (AQA)GCSE Gabriella- I tutored Gabriella in both GCSE biology and spanish, she was a good student, but had trouble with exam technique so i spent every wednesday afternoon getting her confidence up and developing her exam technique.
Spanish GCSE (AQA)James - I tutored James for 1 months prior to his final GCSE exam. I was contacted because he was concerned that he would not be able to achieve any higher than a C grade (this is grade he kept achieving in his mock exams) in his reading paper. In order to better understand his current abilities, i gave him a mock exam. He predictably was unable to achieve higher than a C. I subsequently realised that his issue was exam technique, particularly, his approach to answering questions. His understanding and speaking was good, he just needed to refine his examination technique and get over his nerves. After working on this 3 times a week, he eventually managed to push up his grade to an A . This was one of my proudest moments as a tutor.
Biology A-level (Edexcel) Dylan- Dylan was a very bright student, who grasped concepts really quickly, however, he seems to struggle with his exam technique. Spending 2 hours per week, looking at exam papers and getting to the root of what was holding him back from that A, I am happy to say he achieved his A in Biology.
Chemistry GCSE (OCR)Anthony- Anthony was one of my struggling students. I was contacted by his very worried mother as he began his final GCSE year. She wanted a very structured lesson plan with plenty of homework. He felt under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed, which left him deflated. As a result of his poor performance, his school decided to enter him for a foundation paper early on in the year. As I began to tutor him, i realised that within him existed an enormous amount of potential, and it was my suggestion that we endeavour to get him into the higher level paper. Sure enough, after months of work, he managed to convince his teacher that he was capable of sitting a higher level exam (by sitting a mock exam) and he came out of his GCSE with a B. A feat which he, his mother nor his school ever thought possible.
Biology and Chemistry GCSE (Edexcel) Sandra- Sandra was an interesting student. She was good at chemistry but really struggled with biology. We met twice per week during the second year of her GCSE and we managed to get her grade up from a C in Biology to an A and from a B in chemistry to an A*.
Biology A-level (Edexcel) Jon- Jon was one of my most dedicated students. He was also one of my most passionate. His ambition was to become a research scientist and enter a PhD programme. Although he loved his A-level biology, he struggled with exams leading him to lose his motivation at times. Through a series of lessons (2 hours per week) we were able to determine the aspects of the exams which caused him to underachieve. We spent 2 solid months before the exam, analysing exam papers, sitting practice tests and sure enough he achieved the A* he hoped for. It is all about perseverance!
A-level Biology (AQA) David- David was quite a dedicated student, but he had trouble understanding certain biological principles which was leading him to underachieve. In order to rectify this, we sat down with a past paper, which he completed under exam conditions. The paper was then marked by me, using the mark scheme to determine his weak areas. As expected he scored very highly in some areas e.g. plant biology and very poorly in order areas e.g. Genetics. I then structured the subsequent lessons to include every single area which i believed needed work. Breaking down these processes really helped David understand and remember what he was learning. As a result his grade (mock exam) went from a high D grade to a very high B grade. He was thrilled!

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, cooking and playing football.

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