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About Me
My specialist subjects are Maths and the Sciences and I also teach English as a Foreign Language and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

I am an experienced and highly educated but accessible tutor. I specialise in engaging with students in order to help them connect with the work as I believe the role of a tutor is to create a learning environment that is different from a dry academic room. I love the opportunities to do this that tutoring provides as I myself have a keen passion for the subjects that I teach, so being able to use that to generate a new outlook on the subject for my students is immensely rewarding for us both.
Having successfully sat both grammar school entrance exams and Cambridge entrance tests I am aware of the pressures students can be under and seek to alleviate these so that they can understand their topics and complete their tasks to the true extent of their ability.

Outside my interest in the sciences and my training in 11+ subjects I have am heavily involved in music and various other activities. Throughout my school years I was a member of various orchestras and bands and I continue to play guitar and trumpet. I have also played cricket, and football but nowadays find myself spending more time tennis, table tennis, rock climbing and circus skills. I prefer to be an active person, both physically and mentally, and I try to bring various skills and thoughts gained from my experiences to use with my students.

2003-2006: Trinity College, Cambridge - MA Natural Sciences (Materials Science, Chemistry, Maths, Physics)
1996-2003: The Latymer School, London
4 A Levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A)
1 AO Level: Maths (A)
10 GCSEs: A* (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, Geography, French, Latin), A (English Literature, Electronics)

Recent Tuition

11+: entrance exam preparation twice a week for Harry. Structured sessions to revise the key content and practise exam technique ahead of Januarys exams.
bstock Place, Emmanuel School and potentially St Georges in Surrey (If they move that way). Harry is a very bright, sporty boy who is maths enthusiast! He is looking for a really fun and engaging tutor to fully prepare him for 11+, continue to encourage his love of maths and also focus on increasing his literacy level. They are looking for a tutor to start weekly for
11+ entrance preparation with Arthur - Arthur was very bright but found it hard to concentrate on the problems. Talking with him less than telling him what questions to do and how was promising and rewarding, though i had to pull back on some techniques such as getting him to invent his own maths questions as I found him to be liable to get carried away with telling the story of the question rather than getting a better view on how the information in these questions was put together. Still used the technique a little, along with games and rewards systems to keep the lessons varied. Arthur passed his entrance exams and got into the school he wanted to.
Primary Level holiday science tuition with Timi and Pagabo - These two brothers, tutored separately, presented very different challenges. Timi was a less quick to understand concepts and we went through things slowly and patiently, using lots of visual learning by drawing and memorising pictures and diagrams, such as for the circulatory system and for the water cycle. Timi was inquisitive, if easily distracted and answering his questions was a good way to progress the lesson so long as I was careful not to let the questions get too far away from what I felt was relevant. We also spent a couple of lessons designing and carrying out a practical experiment in which we related the rate of evaporation of water to the exposed surface area of the body of water.
GCSE Maths and Sciences with Kusi - Kusi needed help with his examination preparation in order to get him the best grades possible in subjects he had no interest in taking further. Counterintuitively, he was able to concentrate for long periods of time though at times a mental block towards a particular question or topic would develop and we would have to leave it and come back to it later, usually with much improved results. I am still awaiting the results of his examinations.
AS Level Physics with Ryan - Ryan had a good head for memorising formulas and methods, very useful in physics, but we worked extensively on the more mathematical problem style questions, as well as going through the syllabus as it was being taught at his school to support his continued learning. Ryan achieved an A.
GCSE level maths with Hua Hua - Home schooled, found last tutor too conventional, am working through GCSE spec maths with him, alternating more theoretical topics with ones which can be more interesting, using real world questions and linking these scenarios to his hobbies and interests.
A Level Chemistry and Biology with Tasmin - I took Tasmin on soon before exams, and we went through exam papers and then set to reteaching topics where necessary before finishing up with more exam papers and exam technique. Tasmin got an A and A*.
Eton Maths Scholarship Entrance preparation with Harry - working through the Maths questions used in Eton scholarship papers, which require more comprehensive understanding of how to use the knowledge a child will have at that point than is required for normal questions at that level. Harry will be taking the exam next year but is progressing well and developing his ability to solve less obvious problems.
AS Level Maths and Physics with Robert - providing help with topics Robert was unable to grasp the first time, partially due to pressure he feels under in particular by his mother. Having a chat with his mother initially was necessitated by her occasionally trying to get involved with the lessons. Alleviating the pressure on Robert, and becoming someone he regarded as different to his parents/teachers went a long way towards helping him engage with these topics in a useful manner.
GCSE Physics and Chemistry with Meriam - As well as general support, Meriam needed help on some of the overlapping topics between the two diciplines, i.e. the structure of the atom, whilst still retaining a sense of how the two different sciences treat the atom differently. Meriam went from a B/C grade to obtaining an A* in chemistry and an A in physics.

Hobbies and Interests
In my spare time I like to keep active, both mentally and physically. Im currently learning Spanish and Web programming, but more leisurely activities include cycling, swimming, firespinning, table tennis, reading and as much time on my guitar and trumpet as I can spare! I often visit some of the more interesting exhibitions and talks that are available in London, by venues and organisations such as LSE and the Wellcome Collection. Whilst I have these favourite activities I usually try anything that comes up, as I enjoy variety and new challenges in their own way.

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