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About Me
My specialist subjects are Chemistry and Biology, which I teach to A Level/IB level, I also teach Mathematics to [I]GCSE level, Physics to [I]GCSE level and English to 11+/KS2 level.
My specialist subject is Chemistry, I hold a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
a MSc in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Essex and a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Essex. I undertook additional degree studies following the completion of my PhD in Human Physiology and Anatomy Level 1, Biochemistry Level 2 and Health and Nutrition Level 1.
My professional experiences focus on tutoring and teaching mixed ability classes, I greatly enjoy teaching 11+ 13+ and GCSE level students, and demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment in the process. The lessons I teach reflect this background. I make use of a wide range of methods and styles that are accessible to every pupil to stimulate and encourage interest in learning. I have experience tutoring for [I]GCSE Science [Chemistry, Biology, Physics], [I]GCSE Mathematics and AS/ A Level/IB Chemistry Biology. In addition to this I also prepare students for 11+ examinations for entry to selective independent and grammar schools [English, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning] and 13+ /common entrance examinations for entry to independent schools/grammar schools [Mathematics and Science], 7+/8+ school entrance examination preparation, UKiset preparation, Key Stage 2 Mathematics, English and Science, Key Stage 1 Mathematics, English and Science. In addition to this I have been recommend me to provide extra tuition for students and I have tutored students recommended by a number of different companies.
I have strong subject knowledge and develop it on a continuous basis, in line with cultural trends. I have, over the years, attended courses to enrich my knowledge. Moreover, I am confident in the use of Information and Communications Technology tools and systems. I incorporate the same into my teaching and assessment to track progress in tutoring arrangements to suit the individual needs of pupils. It is vital to my role as a tutor to get to know the student individually. I care about the individuals that I work with and take every opportunity to speak to them about their lives and experiences, what is important to them and how they learn. It will make a big difference to the individual who will remember that I have noticed them and made a point of talking to them.
I believe the creation of a positive learning culture allows students to learn more and achieve at a higher level
I create a positive, structured and well-managed learning environment for all of my students. Effective behaviour management allows me to teach students, at different ages and with different needs, attention-spans and behaviours. I set rules to create clear expectations and define what acceptable behaviour is
I believe that routine also helps to minimise behavioural changes and provide a healthy learning environment. I am always honest, flexible, patient and professional, part of my goal is to teach my students how to learn.
My communication skills are strong and adaptable, I appreciate that it often takes more than one attempt at explaining something for an individual to understand a new concept, I am patient and organised and help to make sure even the youngest of students feel comfortable in my company. My skills allow me to build confidence in others, and of course encourage my students to have fun learning new subjects.
I have an academic background and experiences that enable me to constantly update the teaching, analytical, interpersonal and organisational skills necessary to teach effectively in various environments, face to face and over the internet. I have experience of teaching in a classroom environment, and I also appreciate I make greater use of my soft skills when teaching on a one-to-one basis.
In my recent positions, I have communicated effectively with colleagues and pupils, conveying timely and relevant information about attainment, objectives, progress and the well-being of students. I evaluate the views of students, teachers and parents and act upon recommendation where appropriate. Thus, I can build confidence and create commitment and a sense of belonging among all.

Sept 2004-2005 Suffolk College, an Accerdited College of the University of East Anglia Human Physiology and Anatomy Level 1 [module from BSc in Human Biology [classification, 1st] and Biochemistry Level 2 [module from BSc in Nutrition and Health] [classification, 2 [i].
Jan 1997-June 2000 Queen Mary, University of London PhD in Inorganic Chemistry
Oct 1995-Sept 1996 University of Essex MSc in Inorganic Chemistry
1992-1995 University of Essex BSc [Honours] Chemistry [classification 2 (i)]. Additionally, this degree also had 2 modules of Mathematics within it.

Recent Tuition

Viktor was 10 years old when I met him and we worked closely together prepare him for his 11+ entrance examination preparation in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Additionally we spent some time improving his skills in KS2 Science. Following my tuition Viktor was able to achieve the school entry requirements for a number of prestigious schools and he was offered places at St. Johns and Epsom. He also attained a high reserve number on Reeds reserve list, which meant he was offered a place there too.
I spent time tutoring Ruby for her 11+ entrance examination. As a result of my input Ruby was offered positions and able to choose between a very good all girls school and a very good co-ed one. I tutored all subjects for the 11+ Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. In addition to this I also assisted Ruby with interview techniques and preparation to help her through the process.
Tanya and I worked together to improve her AS Chemistry results from a D to a B and overall got a C

she went on to secure a place at the University of Lincoln studying pharmaceutical science.

Lamidri and I worked in partnership to achieve an A* in a Mathematics GSCE. She was able to pass her GCSE Maths in year 10 [1 year early] and she was allowed to take Additional Maths in year 11 [OCR exam board]. Our tutoring has just finished Lamidri is confidently waiting for her exam results. I also tutored Science [Biology, Chemistry and Physics] for Lamidri this year and she completed her exams in May/June, she will receive her results in August. In the future she would like to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths in sixth form and move forward from there to study medicine at University.
I encouraged Sam in his studies of a number of subjects following a change in school systems. We had an enjoyable time working together and Sam went on to successfully complete his Common Entrance exams. Sam was 12 years old and we concentrated on preparing him for his 13+/Common Entrance exam in Mathematics and Science. I taught Sam all the topics on the 13+/common entrance syllabus and provided him with information to read, we also completed lots of questions on all the topics for 13+ Maths and Science, and also covered all the 13+/Common entrance past papers.
I tutored Nicholas who was 12/13+ to prepare him for his Common Entrance exam in Mathematics. I was able to improve his basic Maths skills and encourage his confidence to face the exams. He was able to successfully secure a place in Harrow School. Particular achievements were acknowledged by Harrow School in his algebra skills. Nicholas and I worked hard together and we covered all of the topics for 13+ Maths and completed 13+/common entrance past papers.
Milly was able to achieve an A-in Chemistry at A Level [A2] as a result of my assistance. She then went on to study Chemistry at the University of Nottingham.
Helena and I worked together on GCSE Physics and Chemistry and achieve very good results. We were an effective team working through her Chemistry and Physics notes, I also gave her my notes and we practiced questions on all of the topics in the syllabus and completed many of the past exam papers. Helena went on to study for her A levels in Biology, Psychology and English.
Nicole was awarded an A-in Chemistry and secured a place at Newcastle Medical School. She was very excited about her achievements and has now completed her 1st year at medical school and is really enjoying the course. We keep in touch, and I am looking forward to monitoring her progress as she follows her dream to become a surgeon.
I supported and encouraged Zara to pass her exam following a predicted F-grade 3 months earlier. She passed 10 iGCSE A graded and achieved many A*s.
I also worked with Sophie to obtain a B-in Chemistry (6UMS marks away from an A) resulting in a position in Exeter University.

Hobbies and Interests
I am very interested in classical music and performing on the piano and clarinet.
I enjoy drawing and painting in water colours
also yoga, pilates, fitsteps dance and going to the gym.

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