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About Me
Teaches: 11+ English, 13+ English, 7/8+ common entrance preparation, Primary English (Year 3 - 6), Early Years Literacy, Numeracy (Reception - Year 3), GCSE English.
Other subjects: EFL, History, Maths, French, Motivation, Exam Prep, Study Skills.
From UCL onwards I have worked with students in my local area of Chelsea and Fulham from reception up to 13+, assisting with literacy, comprehension technique and entrance exam/verbal reasoning practice through to common entrance, essay prep and creative writing. I thoroughly enjoy teaching on an individual basis to build a relationship with the child, giving them the time and attention they require to achieve their goals. My children have achieved top marks in their chosen subjects and/or moved up a set based on their improved confidence and renewed pleasure for learning.
Graduate Diploma in Law
BPP Law School, London
MA Human Rights
Options: Human Rights Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
University College London
BA (Hons) English, 2:1 (First American Literature)
University of Leeds
Recent Tuition
English literacy with Gabrielle aged seven attending the French school. I helped with reading using Oxford Reading Tree, comprehension and phonics exercises, resulting in her being moved up a set at school.
English literature with Elinore aged thirteen attending the French School. I helped with motivation and concentration, focusing on story writing, reading, poetry and Shakespeare plays. We read aloud and looked at vocabulary. Elinore now enjoys Roald Dahl and Oscar Wilde, her writing skills have increased
she is more confident and getting positive feedback from test scores and teachers.
Reading with Felicie aged eleven at the French School. Felicie disliked reading due to the texts used in school not holding her attention. I introduced her to Roald Dahl and CS Lewis. Felicie now has increased confidence and manages her own workload, is more responsible and proactive.
English literacy with Alexi aged five. Family relocated to London. My focus was on reading and story writing, helping with vocabulary and sentence structure. Alexi soon grew in confidence and enjoys school.
Creative writing with Eva aged thirteen attending Godolphin Latymer after relocating to London. I helped with essay writing/structure, creative writing and vocabulary in preparation for end of year exams, resulting in Eva receiving high grades for her writing.
English literacy with Yara aged five at the French School. Yara was very bright but struggling with reading so we read out loud and used phonics games. We also did story writing using themes and vocabulary as well as practising spelling. Yara now has an excellent reading level above average for her age resulting in her being moved up a year at school.
Miele aged six and Gabriel aged thirteen. Due to relocating to London, I worked with Miele on reading and English grammar to increase her fluency when starting school. Gabriel was due to start at Dulwich College and we worked on grammar and verbal reasoning.
Alexandre aged nine and Maxine aged four. I worked with this family for five years. Alexandre was very imaginative and loved reading but lacked concentration at first. We worked on grammar/homework when he was small building up to full exam level comprehension and essay writing for fiction/non-fiction. When Alexandre left he was top of his year and now attends Dulwich College where he excels in English and History. Maxine struggled with literacy and her alphabet in nursery. We made learning fun by using flashcards and games, reading and spelling. She liked to be tested and loved phonics games. Her reading is now at the required level for her age.
Eugenie aged ten was relocated to London for a year and lacked confidence in speaking English and speaking up in class. So we worked on writing stories and finding the right vocabulary converting French to English, and reading out loud. We would also have conversations in English so that she would feel more confident in school. We finished the first term with her reading out loud without any assistance to her parents due to increased confidence and enjoyment of the subject.
Diane aged seven at Hill House. Diane was academic and we worked on story writing and increasing her vocabulary. Diane has now been accepted at Bute House.
Hobbies and Interests
Alongside tutoring I am an editor in the City, work on various probono activities involving young people and also endeavour to write my own blog on education and development.
My hobbies include running, baking, wine tasting, long walks in the country and culture at the weekend.

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