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About Me
My specialist subjects are History and English, and I also teach Maths and verbal and non-verbal reasoning for 11+, 13+ UKiset. I have around six years of teaching experience, starting with private piano lessons during sixth form and progressing to weekly Maths, English and History tuition in the past year since I graduated from studying History at Cambridge University. I am particularly passionate about History: I work as a freelance history documentary researcher, and always seek to instil my pupils with a passion for their subjects.

I have a very student-focussed approach to tutoring, and tailor all my lessons to each individual pupil. Initially I assess their weakness, and then together we work through the session to compile a list of solutions in order to build their confidence. In particular, I like to gear my sessions towards the examiners requirements, and break down mark schemes to demystify the process of answering questions and ensure students know exactly what is expected of them to achieve the highest grades.
I am about to start a Masters in Global History, joint with Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. My previous academic results are as follows:

2014: University of California, Berkeley - IARU Summer School, Media and Global Protest Movements
2014: University of Cambridge, Queens College - History BA, 2.i (Specialisms: modern Europe, early modern Britain, Civil Rights, World History)
2011: Alleyns School (Saddlers Scholar: 4th in entrance exams. Frank History Prize 2011)
A-Levels: English A*, History A*, Maths A
AS-Levels: French A, Further Maths A
GCSEs: 10 A*s

Recent Tuition

Shreya - History Personal Statement help, September 2015 - present

Helping Shreya structure her personal statement for History at LSE, UCL and Kings via skype. We discuss the aspects of the subject she finds most interesting, considering lateral comparisons she could draw between topics, and I recommend her book reviews and other material to read between sessions.

Yara - Sixth Form entrance exam preparation (St. Pauls and Westminster), September 2015 - present

Helping Yara prepare for her sixth form interview and exam essays at St. Pauls School via skype.
We are particularly focusing on essay structure and writing style, giving her skills that she can apply across a range of humanities subjects.
In addition, we are drafting a personal statement for Westminster.

Kim - History IB, September 2015 - present

Tutoring Kim, a 17 year old in the Philippines, for her History IB essays once a week via skype.
We consider how to structure her essays (on the League of Nations), and explore new interpretations which have not been discussed in class, pushing her towards achieving the top grades.

Anush - UKIset, September 2015 - present

Giving weekly skype tuition lessons to Anush, a Russian 12 year old, as she prepares for 13+ entrance to British public schools.
We are particularly focussing on the verbal reasoning and English components, going through past papers and building her familiarity with vocabulary as English is her second language.

Nikita - English GCSE, 15 years old, August 2015 - present

I am giving Nikita two hourly sessions each week via Skype to help improve her English Language exam technique as she goes into year 11. We are going through past papers and compiling revision notes on how to approach the non-fiction aspects of the exam.

Lily - English and History GCSE, 15 years old, June - August 2015

I have recently started giving weekly lessons to Lily to build her confidence in English and History prior to taking her GCSEs next year at the BRIT School. She is making progress on her persuasive writing, poetry analysis and understanding of exam technique for History.

Isabella - English and History GCSE, 16 years old, 2015

Worked with Isabella once a week on her History and English coursework and exam revision. She came top of her year at Portland Place in her History coursework on the Civil Rights and was on track to get an A* in both subjects. We also focussed on Women in America, the Vietnam war and the Cold War.

Oliver - English GCSE, 13 years old, 2015

Worked with Oliver to help him with his dyslexia at Ibstock Place school. He was in year 9, about to begin his GCSEs and we focussed on analysing poems and Shakespeare, helping him grow in confidence.

Marc - English, 10 years old,

Worked with Marc once a week on his reading, writing and grammar as he had recently moved to England from Malaysia. We also started preparations for his 11+ and looked at verbal reasoning. He improved significantly within his year group.

Lee - English, 9 years old

Worked with Lee (Marcs younger brother) once a week on his English reading and writing. We particularly focused on creative writing and sentence structures, and stretched his imagination to develop a more complex writing style.

Tosin, English GCSE, 15 years old, Easter holidays 2015

Gave four 90 minute sessions to Tosin, who was struggling with his English at Charterhouse School. We reviewed his creative writing and comprehension, and I challenged him to develop more varied sentence structures.

William, English GCSE, 15 years old, January 2015

Gave two revision sessions to William prior to taking his GCSEs at Bryanston school. We focussed on making revision notes for Jekyll and Hyde and Macbeth.

Rhada - History GCSE, December 2014 - January 2015

Gave Rhada a series of lessons prior to her History GCSE mocks on Russian history and Vietnam. We produced detailed notes together and she seemed on set for an A*.

Leah - English reading, 5 years old, November 2014

Gave a few weekly sessions to help Leah with her reading, as she had recently moved to London from Norway. We used word games to expand her vocabulary and practiced pronunciation.

Sophie - English and Maths, 12 years old, September 2014 - February 2015

Helped Sophie twice a week with her Maths and English as she started secondary school. Her grades in both subjects improved significantly and her confidence in writing grew particularly.

Jemima, 15 years old, History GCSE

Gave a series of sessions on History GCSE to Jemima. We went over exam technique and made detailed mindmaps for the topics she was covering.

Hobbies and Interests
I have been working as a freelance history documentary researcher for the past year in London, before going travelling in Asia for a few months. I am also very interested in music - having reached grade 8 piano at school I gave lessons to six beginners in my area, and also played keyboards in a band called Wuthering Wuthering at University, including at many May Balls.

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