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English Literature
Personal Statement

About Me
My specialist subjects are:

EFL - I have taught EFl to all ages and abilities, from a 6 year old who did not know a word of the language to a fifty year old man fluent in English looking to grasp the nuances of grammar and vocabulary
11+/13+/School Entrance - I have prepared students for exams throughout the English school system, including GCSEs and a levels, but have mainly specialised in this area. My proudest achievement was guiding a profoundly deaf, basic English speaker to entrance at Stowe school within just one year, allowing him to access the curriculum himself without external aid (see CV)

I also teach:

Russian - I began my tutoring career as an EFL teacher in St Petersburg in 2011 and whilst there became fluent in Russian. Since, I have taught Russian language as well as EFL to many Russian students, who I am able to benefit through my understanding of the particulars of how the two languages translate
Religious Studies, Philosophy, Theology - having studied these subjects at university, this is perhaps my main field of expertise. I have tutored at several age groups again but particularly enjoy the challenge of A level and university tuition as it stretches me as well as the student. I take a hands on approach and will immerse myself in a new course text if necessary
English and creative writing - I have taught English and creative writing, particularly to younger age groups, but as reading and writing is one of my principal passions I am comfortable tutoring any ability level up to degree level

My qualifications:

May 2011-May 2012 - Masters Degree - Russian Language - Herzen State Pedagogical University - 1st
February 2011-March 2011 - CELTA - International House, Newcastle - Pass
September 2007-June 2010 - Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy and Theology - University of Oxford - 2.1
June 2007 - A Levels - Manchester Grammar School:

French - A
Russian - A
English Literature - A
Religious Studies A

June 2005 - GCSE - MGS:

Maths - A*, Physics - A*, English Language - A*, History - A*, French - A* (+ A* in all A Level subjects)

Recent Tuition

I have recently started working with a young boy with dyslexia. We have been working together based on a specific learning programme developed by Lindamood and Bell, a specialist learning centre for children and adults with learning difficulties.
Prior to that I was working with two twins who had just moved to England from Russia. We were focusing on bringing their English level up to the standard necessary for the English school system and within a month advanced significantly. One of the boys also had ADD, meaning that I had to create varied and dynamic lesson plans.
My longest and most comprehensive placement was working with a deaf boy as his in school assistant and mentor. I attended class with the boy and was there to interpret for him whilst ensuring he was learning to access the curriculum for himself. [see CV for more details]

Hobbies and Interests
I have a keen interest in keeping fit. I go the gym often and also play football and tennis. I also swim and am proficient at snowboarding.
My main passion is music. I have been in various bands for the last 10 years and still make music now.
I also love to travel, having been lucky enough to visit every continent before the age of 18, which only served to make me more curious to discover even more cultures.
I love learning new languages as an important part of culture. I study French and Russian every day to ensure I retain my language level and would love to add another language to my list.
I enjoy writing and reading. I am never without a notebook and will often be found scribbling my thoughts on trains or waiting for lessons.

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