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About Me
My specialist subjects are Maths and English, specifically primary level KS1 and KS2. I also tutor children for 7+ and 8+ exams and have run a revision course. Having worked as a full time primary school teacher as well as having privately tutored a large number of children over the years, I have found that each of them learns and develops in diverse ways and progresses at different rates. I always want to understand as much as possible about the background of each child, their difficulties, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses. I consider myself a patient, enthusiastic teacher who likes to use different learning strategies to encourage and draw out the best in each child.

Sept 2011 - June 2012 Cambridge University: Early Years and Primary PGCE
January 2010 International House CELTA (University of Cambridge Certificatein English Language Teaching for Adults, 1 month course)
Oct 2006 - Nov 2008 UCL: MA in Museum Studies (studied part time over 2 years)
Sept 2003 - June 2004 Birkbeck: Life Sciences Certificate distinctions in Biology and Chemistry
Sept 1994 - June 1998 SOAS London University: BA Hons graduate 2:1 Asian Art History
Sept 1992 - June 1994 Collingham VI Form College 3 A levels: French, Art History, Classics
Sept 1987 - June 1992 Queens College London 8 GCSEs

Recent Tuition
I started my tutoring/teaching career when I was living in Taiwan in 2010 teaching English in a local primary school. I tutored after school both children and adults, and found it most rewarding and enjoyable. Having worked for the last few years as a full time primary school teacher in London with KS1 2, I have taught English, Maths, Science, Art, History and Geography.

My passion lies in tutoring young children of mainly 4-8 years old. I have also tutored professionally for the last few years and covered a range of subjects including Maths and English for 7+ and 8+. I have successfully tutored several children who were originally struggling to achieve the right grades for entrance to their prep schools.
In December 2014 I ran a two day Maths 7+ and 8+ Christmas revision course. I was pleased to hear that out of 13 children I tutored on this course, 8 of them got into their first choice school.
In January 2015 I intensively tutored several children whose parents were keen for them to get into one of the top prep schools, I was extremely pleased that they were all offered a place at their first choice schools. I have also worked with children preparing for the 7+ and 8+ exams in January 2016.

8+ tutoring experience:

Yaroslav (7) (EAL): I have helped Yaroslav with the 8+ exams in Maths and English which he will be sitting in January 2016. He was in my class last year (when I was working as a full time class teacher) and could not speak any English. With intensive tutoring I am very pleased that he is now top of his class in English.
Ibrahim (7): I am preparing him for the 8+ in Maths and English in January 2016. Ibrahim was at a school in Hong Kong last year and needed much intensive tuition to keep up with the UK curriculum.
Geoffroy (7): I have tutored him for the 8+ in Maths and English. Geoffroy has needed intensive tuition particularly with his spellings and times tables.
Bryan (8) (EAL): I tutored him for the 8+ in January 2015. Bryan was struggling with English and needed much practise on creative writing and comprehensions. I intensively tutored him for 2 months and I was very pleased that he was accepted to Westminster School.
Joseph (8): I tutored him for the 8+ in January 2015. Joseph lacked much confidence in writing compositions and answering comprehension questions. With much practise using past papers I was delighted that he was offered a place at Westminster Cathedral Choir School.

7+ tutoring experience:

Ossian (6): I have been preparing him for the 7+ in English and Maths in January 2016. Ossian has needed much support with mainly phonics. He is now much more confident with his reading and we are looking at past 7+ papers.
Jasper (6): I have helped Jasper with the 7+ in English and Maths which he will be sitting in January 2016. Jasper is working through past exam papers and we are looking at topics in Maths that he is struggling with.
Anais (7): I tutored her for the 7+ in January 2014. Anais initially struggled with some Maths topics, with much practise and encouragement I was pleased that she was accepted to her first choice school City of London School for Girls.

10+ and general experience:

Zain (9): I am currently tutoring him for the 10+ in English and Maths in January 2016. Zain is a confident boy and we have been looking at past exam papers.
Asia (9): I have tutored her in Maths and French.
Poppy (9): I have tutored her in Maths. Poppy lacks much confidence in some Maths topics and we are working through various topics.
Dominic (8): I have been helping him with English and Science.
Kienna (8): I have worked with her in Maths and English. Kienna needs some support with her homework, particularly in Maths.
Adam (7): I tutored him in Maths and English. His parents were keen for him to be extended in his subjects.
Arun (8): I tutored him in Maths and English. Arun needed support with his homework and his parents were keen for his grades to improve. I am pleased that he made a 100% improvement in his studies at the end of the year.
Dana (5): I tutored her in Maths and English. Dana was living in Morocco and came over to the UK with not much knowledge of Maths or English. She was in my class and needed extra support after school.

Home schooling experience Sept 2014 - April 2015.

Saif and Nasser (7 year old twins): I tutored them separately for 3 hours 3 days a week in Maths and English. The twins had come over from Abu Dhabi for only a few months.
Ademide (3) and Yimika (6): I tutored them separately for 4 hours 3 days a week in Maths and English. The children had come over from Nigeria and were in London for only 3 months. On some mornings I took them on museum visits.
Elan (4): I started tutoring him 3 mornings a week for 2 hours in Maths and English. Elan had come over from Nigeria and needed intensive tuition to bring him up to the standard of the UK curriculum. He finally got a place in a school and I am currently only tutoring him in the school holidays.

Hobbies and Interests
I am currently working part-time in museum education at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and advertising and the Charles Dickens Museum giving school groups tours of the collection and running activities and workshops. When I am not in a museum or tutoring I enjoy taking photographs, creating sculpture, rock climbing and golf.

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