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About Me
My specialist subjects are Advanced Biology (A level/IB), Science and Maths at GCSE/IGCSE and all Common Entrance preparation.

I tailor my knowledge and input to each individual student based on their needs. I feel strongly that an optimistic, you can do it approach - alongside eliminating a students fear of particular topics by broaching them at the get-go and instilling good exam technique are all essential.

I love seeing my students progress and I enjoy their success.

O Levels in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Greek, English Lang., English Lit and History. (As/Bs)
A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Greek Literature. (As/Bs)
BSc (hons) Biomedical Science (2:1)
Graduate Medicine 2 years
PGCE (Biology specialism)
Nutrition for Health and Disease Prevention. CPD course at UCSF
MSc Nutritional Medicine (Ongoing PT)

Recent Tuition
I have tutored extensively over the last ten years in the subjects listed above. Recent successes include student entry into St Pauls on scholarship as well as plenty of IB Biology, A Level Biology and IGCSE Sciences.

Some of my recent work has included:

GCSE Maths and Science Home Schooling: Christina: Christina was a junior tennis pro who was home schooled to fit around her tennis training schedule. I tutored her for two years working four hour sessions weekly to take her through Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths IGCSE. She attained four A grades and went on to study her A levels at Esher College.
GCSE Maths: Lawrence: Lawrence came to me for help with his GCSE Maths. He wanted to apply to study medicine and needed high grades at GCSE. We met twice a week over the course of a year and ran through his entire specification focusing very much on practice papers and exam technique. Lawrence was awarded an A* and went on to take three sciences at A level.
IB Biology: Kayla was an online student based in Switzerland preparing for her IB certificate. She was having difficulty with Higher Level Biology. We arranged weekly Skype sessions and discussed all areas that she was finding hard. We did a lot practice questions and really made sure that by the time she sat her exams she was in great form. She felt the exam went very well and is confident she has whats needed to secure her place at London University.
IGCSE Chemistry: Freyas with a view to progressing to A Levels and applying to Cambridge in accordance with a long family tradition to read English. She was struggling with Chemistry. We met twice a week essentially running throughout the entire specification and working through as many past papers as possible. She progressed from uncertain to confident and has told me she was happy with the exams she sat.
A-Level Biology: William wanted to read Geography at St Andrews and needed an A at Biology A level. He had areas of the specification that simply werent clicking for him. We made a list together and ran through these areas one by one, augmenting this with multiple past paper questions in the respective areas until he felt fully confident with topics he had previously felt challenged by. William did very well and secured his place at St Andrews.
A-Level Biology: Alit feel was taught adequately at the school he attended. We met once a week over the course of a year for a two hourly session and would go through what ever he wasnt happy with in terms of content and in parallel we would do a lot of past paper work and exam technique. Ali is confident the exams went well and is a step closer to securing his goal of entry to Medical school.

11+ 13+:

Scholarship St Pauls: Scholarship exam prep to St Pauls. I met with Ram twice a week for two-hourly sessions to help prepare him for the St Pauls Scholarship exam. We worked through past papers and then any areas where he felt he was lacking in confidence were broached. Rams approach was very logical and as such he excelled at Science and Maths but found English tougher going. I helped him formulate an approach to essay writing that was logical and facilitated his progress. Ram did very well and was offered a place at St Pauls.
Eton Kings Scholarship: Jo was an unusual case of a student from mainland China with a dream of attending Eton. We worked extensively together over the better part of a year, at a level that was beyond his age which was required to fulfil the anticipated criteria. He was successful!
13+: Seraphina came to me for 13+ prep in Maths, Science and English. It was in the last three months before the exams so we worked quite intensively meeting twice a week for two hourly sessions. She successfully gained entrance to the independent school of her choice.
11+: Oli is sitting his 11+ exams next year and we meet weekly to cover Maths and Non Verbal reasoning. He was very nervous about Maths at the get go and I encouraged him to list his greatest Maths fears so that we could get rid of them. He is going from strength to strength and is already scoring very well in past papers. I look forward to his imminent success in the next academic year.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy spending time with my daughter, travelling with my husband who is a musician on the international jazz circuit, watching live music and writing.

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