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About Me
I am a native Arabic language Adult Education tutor with over 15 years experience teaching Arabic from absolute beginners to advanced level in adult education services and private tuition.
I teach Arabic from complete beginners level, all the way to an advanced level.
For beginners I teach the Arabic letters (pronunciation and writing) and communication skills in different day-to-day topics such as buying food and asking for directions. I have designed and developed the majority of my teaching materials, including dialogues, exercises, games and assessments. I have produced the dialogues as Word documents and MP3 files, and am therefore able to email these to my students for them to be able to continue listening and practicing.
For the more advanced level I prepare them to be able to read, listen and understand the news in Arabic as well as reading stories, and debating topics. Some of my students have gone to work in Arabic speaking countries, work with NGOs where Arabic is required and conducting business in the Arab world.
I gained a B.Sc. in Science (Biology), where I achieved 1st Class in 1986. Since then I successfully completed the CityGuilds 7307 Further and Adult Education Teachers Certificate in 2000. I am also an associate member of the Institute for Learning.
Recent Tuition
I started teaching Arabic as an Adult education tutor since 1998. I have continued to teach Arabic since then and therefore have extensive experience in both the adult education sector and private tuition. I have experience teaching a range of ages, abilities and needs.
Hobbies and Interests
Reading gardening.

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