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About Me
My specialist subject is Biology and I also teach Maths and Chemistry. With experience in a wide variety of subjects, Im an adaptable tutor who adopts an effective teaching strategy which involves identifying students weaknesses within subjects and addressing those areas with a tailor-made plan. Im a big believer of visual aids for learning, as I feel images help with understanding and remembering, and believe learning by clear explanation and example is beneficial for formulaic subjects such as Maths. I also believe brief testing with short written questions is essential for gauging baseline knowledge levels and for monitoring progression.
Having failed to acquire an offer for medical school twice, I know more than most how difficult it can be to start a career in one of the most interesting and respected vocations available. As I have made three successive applications to 12 medical schools, I have a vast experience of the UCAS application process including entrance exams, personal statements, and interviewing. My UKCAT score improved to 785 on my final attempt which, combined with the experience gained from past failures, helped me earn an unconditional offer in my top choice University. Im confident that the valuable knowledge and experience I gained over these years can help other students earn that place too.

2013-2014 Kings College London BSc in Anatomy, Developmental Human Biology with Basic Medical Sciences
2005-2009 Manshead Upper School, Dunstable A Levels: Biology (A) Chemistry (A) Maths (A)
AS Levels: Media Studies (A)
GCSEs: Maths (A*) Double Science (A*A*) Statistics (A) Media Studies (A*) Business Studies (B) French (B) Geography (B) Religious Studies (B) Citizenship (B) English Language (B) English Literature (C)

Recent Tuition

GCSE: I tutored Ruth (15) in Biology and Maths for two hours a week over a year. As an intelligent student, she could learn concepts quickly so I created an intensive teaching plan which ensured we thoroughly covered all topics. In Biology we talked through each topic in-depth using a structured objectives list, ensuring she understood each point by asking questions. At the end of each session I would provide a self-designed 5-minute mock exam to provide an opportunity for consolidation and review understanding. Regarding Maths, I provided clear verbal and written instructions of how to solve a type of equation, using an example question to demonstrate, prior to supervised practice and assessment with subsequent feedback. She passed with an A* in both subjects and subsequently went to study Biology at the University of Bath.
I also provided personal tutoring to Jack (15) and Max (16) in Biology and Chemistry for two hours a week each. As both of these students were struggling with certain topics, I initially evaluated their baseline knowledge with a mock exam to identify the weakest areas. I then devised tailor-made tutor plans to suit each student. The pace was adjusted for these students and concepts in Biology and Chemistry were taught with drawings and other visual aids to facilitate learning. Additionally, understanding was consistently reviewed with short exam questions at the end of each session with feedback provided instantly. If some topics were still not fully understood we covered them again in the following week, finishing with a full revision session towards exams. Both students achieved excellent marks in their final exams for Biology (A*, A*) and Chemistry (A*, A).
Undergraduate: This year I have led several one-hour seminars for second year medical students in which I taught head and neck anatomy using a human skull and Powerpoint presentation, psychiatry (psychosis and depression) with a whiteboard, and ophthalmology using a Powerpoint presentation. In addition I have run two surgical courses in which I taught medical students how to perform various suturing techniques, with an initial presentation followed by guided practice on materials.
Other: I spent two years holding 1-to-1 tuition for numerous DJ students, teaching how to DJ with 3 different platforms (CDJs, Vinyl, Midi mixer). I tutored each new student with a self-designed progressive curriculum, starting with theory before progressing onto guided practicals and independent practice. Several of these students have now performed at famous clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric.

Hobbies and Interests
Outside of medicine, I love to DJ on different platforms with bass-heavy music. My love for this hobby has resulted in many fantastic opportunities
Ive had the pleasure of teaching numerous students how to DJ and have played sets in famous clubs such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Cable, and Electric Brixton. I take pleasure in expressing my creativity through modern media, using self-taught Adobe Photoshop skills to create several promotional posters and video-editing software to produce a documentary which has accumulated nearly 60,000 views on YouTube. Another passion of mine is technology, I like to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances through magazines and websites and have built my own custom PC. I also enjoy playing video and board games, watching films, reading the news, and spending time with my family and friends.

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