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About Me
I am an enthusiastic qualified teacher whose specialist subjects are French and Spanish. I teach French to any level with a strong experience of GCSE and A level. I also teach Spanish up to and including GCSE. I have extensive experience of teaching the main exam boards (Edexcel, AQA, Welsh, OCR).

Being a fluent speaker of both languages (native French), I strongly believe in using target language during the lessons to develop both hearing and speaking. Furthermore, I have a proven track record of teaching grammar using special techniques (visuals, mnemonics) to make understanding easy to students. For the last two year, I have extended my experience to IGCSE and Common entrance exams and have also been experiencing teaching online for over a year. I find it to be a very suitable platform for language teaching and have had outstanding results so far. Parents say about me that I have an excellent rapport with my students and that I am trustworthy and reliable.

What makes me an excellent tutor is that I take into account the pupils way of learning and what motivates them. I adapt my teaching to incorporate their strengths and weaknesses but also their personal interests. I also firmly believe that a sense of humor during lessons goes a long way with breaking down the barriers of learning and making the student at ease.
I pride myself in being professional at all times and consequently, I am always punctual and arrive fully prepared.

2009-2010: PGCE at Middlesex University
1991-1995: English degree at Poitiers University in France
1988-1991: Baccalaureat at lyca e Maurice Genevoix: specialism: french literature and languages

Recent Tuition

2015: Pre-U cambridge. I helped Rupert become more fluent with his spoken language to enable him to debate on a variety of subjects. I also worked with him on his grammar so that he was able to use higher level grammar in his exam- online tuition: results awaited
2015: AS Level French- face to face tuition with T. whom I also taught in year 10 and 11. T. was very nervous during mock exams, preventing her for thinking clearly. Practicing lots of past exams papers has helped her familiarize herself with exams conditions. She moved from a C to an A result.
2015: GCSE french tuition- online tuition. I taught Cordelia the GCSE french AQA curriculum. She needed to feel more confident about her speaking so we did a lot of practice on a variety of curriculum topics. She felt shy to speak French in the class and has gradually gained more confidence. I am confident that she will do brilliantly at her exams. Update: Cordelia has just confirmed she achieved an A *. (updated 29/08/15)
2015: Preparing Stan for IGCSE French exams. He needed intensive sessions to go over all the basics including grammar and main topics. Stan got A* at his GCSE (updated on 15/08/15). He was told that he achieved 100% at his oral and did overall better than native speakers taking the exam.
2015: Sebastian sat French IGCSE as a compulsory language. He really struggled with learning vocabulary so lessons had to be fun to make it easier for him to learn. He experienced a barrier in learning because of the complexity of grammar however he really enjoyed speaking. After 6 months of lessons (once per week), he moved up from a predicted C to a A result. His mum is delighted and is very proud of him.
2014: I taught Theo French A2 to a student who was applying for French and Spanish at Cambridge. He got an A star for both languages. He was admitted at Cambridge however decided to attend UCL for personal preferences.
2013: I taught Emma for her GCSE exams. She lacked confidence speaking Spanish in the classroom so my lessons including a lot of role plays. Speaking so much Spanish with me also meant that she found it easier listening to audio recordings and understanding what was said. She achieved an A at her exam and was delighted with her results.

Hobbies and Interests
I love world Cinema in particular European cinema (Pedro Almodovar).
I have recently developed a passion for baking and like to experiment with various techniques.
I also have a particular interest in Special Needs Education and I have read intensively on the subject. I have worked with both secondary school and primary school SEN children, helping them access the curriculum.
In my spare time, I play a lot of tennis. I hope to attend the French Open next year.

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