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About Me
My specialist subjects are Italian and English language and literature. I studied these subjects at school and at university. I have a good knowledge what the exam boards are looking for having been through the system myself. My skills in English are very proficient and I much enjoy teaching this subject as am very enthusiastic about it myself. I am totally fluent in Italian having lived and studied in Italy for a year.
I hold a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate and have also tutored foreigners English. During the TEFL course I learnt a lot of transferable skills about how to teach well and how to engage and encourage your pupil.
I can also teach history of art and philosophy as I have studied these subjects extensively too.
I believe myself to be a good tutor (and fortunately have been told such things too!) as I am genuinely enthusiastic about the subjects I teach and excited to impart what I know. I feel a real sense of achievement watching my students progress and will go above and beyond to make sure that they are understanding and improving significantly.
Sept 2014 - 2015: City University London: International Journalism MA
Sept 2010 - 2014: University of St Andrews (Italian) MA 1st class honours
Sept 2012 - July 2013: University of Padua, Italy - subjects taken: philosophy, history of art, theology, sociology.
2004 - 2009: Sherborne School for Girls - A levels: Italian (A), English Lit. (A), History of Art (A), French (AS level, A)
Recent Tuition
Jaime: I taught Jaime GCSE English Literature and Language. He had previously failed twice but was doing very well and gaining a lot of much needed confidence under my tuition. Unfortunately he fell very ill and was unable to take his exams.
Eugenio: I taught Eugenio English as a foreign language for two hours every week. His English improved remarkably and he said that I was the best and most engaging tutor hed ever had.
Chiara: I also taught Chiara English as a foreign language and she really appreciated the lessons, she was very happy at how much she improved and has gone on to teach law in English at Padua University.
Lapo: As an au pair to this six year old boy I helped him a lot with his reading and homework. He was very uninspired at school but I managed to engage him with fun games and rewards.
Sparkes Home: When I was only eighteen I found myself teaching English at an orphanage in Sri Lanka for two months. The 20 children were aged between 7 and 13 and my friend and I split them up into two groups of different abilities. They were also attending school each day and would come back quite tired. We therefore had to make the lessons very engaging and used a variety of techniques such as fun educational games and rewards.
Hobbies and Interests
I am very inspired about journalism and am a greedy news consumer. I also write a lot myself and have just returned from India where I was filming a short documentary.
I love travelling and am particularly familiar with Italy and India - I go to both these countries on a regular basis.
I read a lot and am always excited to talk about literature.

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