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About Me
My specialist subject is English and History, and I also teach Religious Studies, Philosophy and Classics. I have been passionate about these subjects since I studied them myself at school, and have found immense pleasure in imparting my own enthusiasm to younger students. I have been tutoring in some capacity since I was 16, where for a number of years I assisted younger students at my own school with reading and their studies. Since graduating, I have privately tutored for a number of students aged 11-18, and have always formed strong personal relationships with my tutees, helping them to enjoy the process of learning, and succeed in their academic endeavours.

September 2013 - June 2014 BPP Waterloo Graduate Diploma in Law
October 2010 - July 2013 University of Bristol BA in English
2005 - 2010 The Harrodian School, A Levels English Literature (A*), History (A), Latin (A), Religious Studies (A)
AS Levels English Literature (A), History (A), Latin (A), Religious Studies (A)
GCSEs: English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), History (A*), Latin (A*), Religious Studies (A*), Science (A*), Additional Science (A), Maths (A), Statistics (A), French (A)

Recent Tuition

11+ English and Maths - 11+ Entrance Examination preparation with Leila. I worked with Leila on a weekly basis, teaching her Mathematics and English. We tackled concepts in depth which she was struggling with, particularly involving literary analysis and creative writing, and went through numerous past papers together. Leila achieved high grades in her entrance examinations, and was offered a place at her first choice school, Queens Gate.
A Level English Philosophy - Exam preparation with Imogen. I worked with Imogen on a daily basis for several weeks prior to her A Level examinations, tutoring her in English and Philosophy. We systematically improve her revision methods and approach, organising her work and her notes, and revising them in a low-stress, organised manner. She exceeded her predicted grades in her A Levels, obtaining a place at her first choice, Nottingham University.
Year 7-8, Mathematics, History s confidence and abilities improved, and his overall school grades improved in all areas. He became as a result happier in his day to day school life.
KS2 English Reading - I worked one on one with Amari on a weekly basis over the course of a school term, specifically focusing on his concentration issues relating to his English work and reading. Together we located his key interests, and inspired him to read by choosing books more to his liking, as well as improving his creative writing significantly. His behavioural issues at school were significantly improved as a result.
Common Entrance English and History - I tutored Orlando in preparation for his common entrance exams, working in detail on exam papers and tackling his issues with reading and digesting exam questions. Together we unpacked specifically what was being asked of him, and enabled him to feel confident in his ability to assign his knowledge to the answer required of him. He excelled in his examinations, and got into his first choice school, Wetherby Preparatory School.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy music, and play the guitar, bass, drums and piano. I write music, prose and poetry in my free time, and enjoy playing squash, tennis and football.

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