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About Me
I have enjoyed a wide variety of teaching experiences and been quite fortunate to work with students from extremely diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Upon receiving my PhD from Berkeley, I was a visiting professor at the University of Puget Sound, an exclusive liberal arts college in the state of Washington. My next teaching experience was at the University of Oxford, where I had the unique opportunity to teach in Oxfords tutorial system. Most recently, in addition to giving lectures, I have been tutoring students at Kings College London.
Although much of my academic experience involves tutorials with university students, I do have previous experience offering private tuition to students between the ages of 14-18 . I have found that my approach to teaching is just as effective with this group of students.
Whether teaching in private tutorials or in larger lecture courses, I always aim to engage with my students in ways that get them more actively involved both inside and outside of the classroom. My reason for doing this is that it instills a sense that learning is a collaborative endeavor. I think this is one of the most valuable things a teacher can cultivate in a student. When students feel that we are working together to solve problems, they become more actively involved in their education and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning. When I succeed in fostering this attitude, I can see my students become genuinely excited to learn new things. My students have always been grateful for my approach to teaching, frequently that they are both doing better in their courses and enjoying them more. This is very satisfying to hear. I am happy that I have been able to support students in their efforts to better understand the world.
My specialty is philosophy, which I am able to teach at any level. I also offer tuition in English and Psychology.
Lecturer in Philosophy, Kings College London, September 2014-Present
Fellow, St. Catherines College, University of Oxford, September 2012-September 2014
Ph.D in Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 2011
B.A. in Philosophy, University of Michigan, 1998
Recent Tuition
Philosophy with Rodger. Rodger had recently changed his course of study from maths to philosophy but he had no past experience with philosophy. He was very anxious because he was struggling in his modules and he felt very uncomfortable with the subject. I tutored him for one semester and helped him learn how to study philosophy effectively. Prior to our tutorials, Rodger was receiving third class marks
he improved to the point where he was able to achieve first-class marks in his philosophy exams.
SAT preparation with Anton. Anton was a non-native English speaker who wanted to attend an American university. Because of his background, he struggled especially with the verbal section of the SAT. I offered him private tuition for approximately one year and he scored over 1300 on the exam. He was admitted to his top choice, Stanford University.
English with Beth. When I first met Beth she struggled tremendously with grammar. This was having negative consequences for most of her courses and she was also worried about writing essays for her upcoming university applications. I offered her private tuition for a year. Her writing improved tremendously--she received As-in her English courses before graduation and was also admitted to Columbia University.
University interviews with Mary. Mary had dreamed of attending Oxford, which is where both of her parents were students and she wanted some guidance on the interview process for PPE. After giving her a set of background tips, we practiced mock interviews, which helped her gain confidence. Mary was admitted to Balliol College.
English with Sacha. Like many students, Sacha found grammar tedious and had always struggled with the subject. He and his parents were hoping to improve his marks so that he would have better prospects for attending an Ivy League university (he was 14 at the time). Our tutorials focused on finding some ways to make learning grammar more enjoyable for him and it turned out that he enjoyed discovering grammatical mistakes in newspaper articles. When last we spoke, Sacha was receiving top marks in his English courses and thinking about where to go to university.
Philosophy with Ludwig. Ludwig was a very good philosophy student but he wanted to improve his marks even more so that he could attend a top Ph.D. program. I was his tutor over the course of two years. Ludwig not only received first class honours but was also awarded a prize for the best performance on his philosophy exams. He is now studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Oxford.
SAT preparation with Olivia. Olivia was an excellent student but she struggled with standardized exams. She found this understandably frustrating. Because she had done very well in school, Olivia was reluctant to change her study habits and, indeed, there was little reason for her to do so. So, rather than teaching her standard tricks for taking exams, I focused on adjusting our exam preparation to the way she already studied. When it came time to take the exam, she scored 1480 on the SAT.
Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy running and cycling. I also enjoy watching ballet, cooking, and most types of music. Recently Ive been spending time with my new baby daughter, whom I find to be quite a lot of fun.

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