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About Me
Christians four years of teaching experience have enabled him to evolve both personally and professionally, and have given him an excellent understanding of teaching practices both in the UK and abroad. He has taught students at primary, secondary and university level, meaning that he is comfortable working with students of different ages and abilities. Moreover, he has experience of working as a one-to-one tutor, class teacher, SEN teacher (for students with dyslexia and dispraxia), EAL learning support assistant and university lecturer, giving him a solid and rounded grounding in the best ways of working effectively with students and ensuring their progress. He really enjoys tutoring, whether one-to-one or in small groups, as it is an essential part of any students learning experience and offers them the opportunity to focus on details and issues which often go unnoticed in the classroom. Having been through the Preparatory/Independent system himself, Christian also has important experience in preparing students for Common Entrance and Scholarship entrance examinations.

Bristol University, Bristol

MA in English Literature (Distinction)
Dissertation: The Pursuit of Meaning in Contemporary Poetics

Trinity College, Dublin

BA French/Philosophy 2:1
Dissertation: The Representation of Self in Twentieth-Century French Autobiography
Barbara Wright Prize (highest grade for literature)
Highest grade in year for Dissertation
Distinction for spoken French

TEFL International Qualification (120 Hour TESOL)
Tonbridge School, Tonbridge

A levels:

English (A)
French (A)
Latin (B)

AS levels:

Greek (A)
GCSE: English Language, English Literature, Latin, Greek, French, Drama, Maths, Double-Award Science, Spanish (all A*), Geography (A)

Recent Tuition
Please find below some case studies representative of experience.

Jaan/ Literacy and Maths KS2/ Nelsons Primary School, Newham. 04/15 - Present
Christian works with Jaan on his reading, paying particular attention to dynamics, intonation and phonics. The relationship between meaning and sound plays in key part in Jaans gleaning of words from their contexts. With this in mind, Jaan has done a lot of reading of childrens poetry, which relies on pronunciation as key to understanding. He occasionally struggles with his understanding of parts of speech. For this, he performs extremely well when tested under time constraints.
Lily/ Literacy and Maths KS2/ Nelsons Primary School, Newham 04 /15 - Present
The work with Lily focuses primarily on her writing. She writes well and imaginatively, but needs to focus on her organisation of ideas, and the framing into sentences. Over the weeks she has practiced punctuation, and how to use it effectively. They have also focused in the importance of paragraphs as a means for shaping arguments / passages of narrative. In a short space of time, her confidence in writing has increased a lot. They are currently working on planning before writing, which also allows her to premeditate before writing.
Shahbano KS3/ English as Additional Language/ St Marylebone School /2013-14
Shahbano had almost no English at the beginning of the school year. By the end of the year she had progressed from level 1 to level 4 (according to UK Westminster EAL standards). Christian worked primarily on her reading and writing, making use of TES resources, and also liaised constantly with her teachers as to areas of progress or concern.
Chloe/ EAL and SEN
English Language KS3 /St Marylebone / 2014
Chloe is both SEN and EAL, and also suffers from mild autism. Christians task was to improve her conversational and written English. As a part of the SEN department, he also worked to improve her occasional losses in concentration. They discovered that she responded very well to information that was presented in primary colours, and that her use of her stress ball allowed her to continue to perform tasks without losing interest. It was essential for Christian to build a strong relationship with her, and to create a friendly and safe environment. This undoubtedly contributed significantly to her rise in grades, as well her making of more friends and feeling more at home in the school.


Stephen / Common Entrance (13+) Preparation / Woodcote House Prep /(for entry into Harrow)/ 2014
Christian tutored Stephen over several of months in all subjects, particularly in English, French, History, and Latin. Stephen struggled mostly with his essay-writing. The work focused primarily on paragraph-structuring, use of signpost/linking words and the importance of answering the question. Stephen was accepted into Harrow in 2014.
Edward / 13 (+) Scholarship (for entry into Wellington College) 2014
Christian helped Edward with his English Literature in preparation for his scholarship exam in the summer. Christian focused primarily on Edwards time-keeping during the exam, and the importance of essay-planning. Edward was thus able to save valuable time for thinking about the question. Edward feared examinations
he learned, however, that clear planning enables one to think analytically about the task at hand. He learnt the importance of underlining key words (in a poem, for example), which would form the basis of his thinking and argument.
Cecil/ Common Entrance (13+) / Ludgrove 2014
Christian tutored Cecil in English and French in preparation for his Common Entrance. Cecils primary issue was confidence in his academic ability. The majority of the work in French focused on conversation, and the importance of spontaneous expression through a different language. Cecils ability in French became apparent once he had the tools to express it
he went on to pass his exams.
Mohammed/ Y6 English/ Sacred Heart Primary/ 2012
Mohammed needed help with his reading. Christian helped him to organise his book into chapters, characters and themes, which enabled him to gain a more structured approach to the novel. Mohammed has ADHD, and Christian would often encourage him to take short breaks in order to maximise his concentration. Mohammed responded well to short bursts of concentration, rewarded with short breaks, as well as the use of a stress ball to release tension.
Susan/ Y6 (Primary)/Chelsea / 2014
Christian helped Susan with her literacy, as well as her speaking of French. The combination of subjects enabled them to cover more work more easily. The practice in French Oral improved her confidence immeasurably, and had a positive effect on all her subjects (according to her Mother)
Ahmed/ AS Philosophy/St Marylebone School/2014
Christian tutored Ahmed in AS Philosophy (AQA) throughout the academic year from 2013/2014. In this time Ahmed moved from a C-grade to a A-grade. They worked first on his essay structuring and grammar, which then enabled them to address the philosophical content. Ahmeds main problem was a lack of concentration. For this, Christian introduced several key educational acronyms such as Identify/Describe/Explain, which enabled him to access the content more readily, and to help him remember the task at hand. One of these lessons was observed by Christians supervisor Robin Voller, and in his end-of-year appraisal he was awarded a distinction for his level of tutoring.


Alice/ BA Drama/ Bristol University/ 2012
Christian tutored Drama to a BA-level student in her final year. Alice was an excellent performer, who lacked the required theory and subject-knowledge to gain a high grade. Christian helped her essay technique, and also gave tutorials on twentieth-century theory. In her finals she moved from a low 2:1 grade average to gaining a 1st class honours.
Becky/ BA English Literature via Skype and Email/ Bristol University/2015
Christian is currently working with Becky on her BA English Literature essays for her degree at Bristol University. They have so far covered two essays, ranging from Feminist Literature, to Renaissance Poetry (Thomas Wyatt). Her primary weakness is a lack of clarity. They have worked a lot on essay structure, particularly on the importance of signposting at the beginnings of paragraphs, and relating content to the question. From his time working at a university, Christian has found that a main complaint amongst lecturers is the supposed lack of clarity amongst undergraduate essays! Her next essay will be on the poet William Carlos Williams, a poet who Christian covered in his MA dissertation.
John / BA Creative Writing / Bath Spa/ 2012
In the same year Christian also tutored Literary Theory to a Creative Writing student from Bath Spa University. He was a talented poet, but required subject knowledge, and the relevant essay-writing techniques to maximise his potential. After Christians tutoring, he went from having a third-class average to graduating with a 2:1.
Pierre / MA student / Lille, Charles de Gaulle /2011
Christian helped Pierre work on his PhD thesis, which was written in English. The sessions were structured around grammar games and exercises, which informed various parts of his written thesis.

Hobbies and Interests
Christian is an open and friendly individual and is able to build a good rapport with students and fellow teachers alike. He is passionate about teaching and working with young people and understands the need for patience and encouragement when working with his students. He is currently teaching and playing as a double bassist, both jazz and classical. In recent weeks he has been teaching at Christs School, Richmond. The focus that this demands allows him an insight into musical acquisition, and has greatly improved his technique and attention to detail. He is also a published poet, and is working towards his first collection.

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