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About Me
I think what makes me different to many other tutors is I have qualifications in counselling and therapy skills which helps me to unlock my students potential. The reason many students come to me struggling with their work is because theyve either missed a lesson where the class has learnt an important building block of the subject, or something has happened in school which needs resolving before the student can achieve their full capabilities. I also have an honours degree in education, I spent 4 years training to be a teacher in Brighton before moving to Spain where I taught English in a public school. I came back to England in 1996 in order to take my counselling qualifications and subsequently embarked on my private tutoring career. I have had a wonderful 15 years in Brighton helping students pass exams and get into their chosen schools and now Ive moved back to London Im looking for new students and new teaching opportunities which I hope will be just as successful and fulfilling.

My specialist subjects are English language and literature to GCSE, maths to GCSE level and 11+ entrance exams.

1996: Lewes Tertiary College: RSA Certificate in Counseling Skills
1989: St Giles Language School, Brighton: RSA Certificate for Teaching English As A Foreign Language - Grade B
1984-1988 Brighton University: B.Ed (Hons) Second Class Honours (1st Division) - Second Class Honours (1st division)

Recent Tuition

E - 7 years old. E came to me because she wanted to pass the entrance exam to Brighton and Hove High School. She was struggling with maths and was quite shy. After a few weeks I discovered that the mental block was due to bing humiliated in class by her teacher. We worked on the academic side but concentrated on building her self esteem. She passed the entrance exam to both Brighton and Hove High School and Lewes Old Grammar School and she is now doing well at BHHS.
R. - 17 years old. R came to me age 10 to prepare for the entrance exam to Brighton College. He passed the entrance exam and I continued to tutor him in English and maths to GCSE where he achieved an A grade in both subjects. He is now studying A level History, Politics, Economics and Maths at the Brighton College 6th Form.
M - 13 years old. I prepared M for the entrance exams to Brighton and Hove High School in her own words she was "rubbish" at maths. After passing the entrance exam to BHHS she is now on the Gifted and Talented register in maths and competes in that subject at national level.
T - 17 years old. I taught T English language and literature for 2 years. She particularly struggled with coursework and poetry so we concentrated our efforts on that. Last summer she achieved an A in literature and a B in language. I have also taught Ts brother and sister over the years with the same level of success.
S - 7 years old. S was a very bright girl who was at a local comprehensive school where she was not progressing as she should have or reaching her potential. I prepared her for the 7+ exam she now goes to BHHS where she is doing very well.

Hobbies and Interests
I have been a musician since I was very young, I passed all my piano grades by age 15 also sung in choirs and played in various orchestras over the years. When I was at university I joined a band which performed both here and abroad. My favourite pastime is playing guitar and singing with friends and family.
My other passion in life is walking, I count myself lucky to live close to Richmond Park and regularly walk the 7.2 mile perimeter.

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