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About Me
I mostly teach Physics and Maths (IB, A-levels, GCSE). I also enjoy teaching all three sciences up to GCSE level, Engineering at degree level and French at all levels. I received feedback for being a good tutor because I have in depth knowledge of the subjects I teach and I thus can explain sometimes complex notions and concepts in such a matter that my students fully understand them and are able to easily remember them.
2010-present University of Oxford DPhil Radiobiology
2009-2010 University of Oxford MSc Radiation Biology
2009-2010 University of Paris MSc in Physics
2005-2006 University of Toulouse Maitrise in Physics
2002-2005 University of Toulouse BSc in Physics
2002-2005 Institut National des Sciences Appliquees Toulouse BEng Engineering
2002 Bacalaureat Colegiul National Fratii Buzesti Craiova Mathematics 10/10, Physics 10/10, English 10/10 French 9.8/10, Romanian 9.12/10
1997-2002 Absolute winner of the Dolj County Physics Olympiads and 5 times National Medal Winner (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Recent Tuition
Please find below some examples of my tuition experience:
1) Thomas - Undergraduate Physics May-June 2015
Thomas is a Physics student at Imperial College London who, for personal and health reasons, did not attend the lectures and did not study at all. He contacted me 2 weeks before his exams. We did intensive tutoring together in Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics, for 3 to 8 hours/day. I taught him the courses, we solved together the past papers and some more complicated problems that I came up with. Tony worked very hard during these two weeks and, with no previous knowledge of the subjects, now expects marks above 70% at both exams, which will put him on track to obtain a First.
2) Simon and Martha - May 2015 A-level Physics
Simon and Martha are biomedical undergraduate students and needed my help with their Physics lectures, as they had not taken Physics at A-levels. During our bi-weekly sessions, we covered the syllabus on Waves, Particles, and Medical Physics techniques, such as ultrasounds. They both improved their Physics knowledge and had good grades at the exam.
3) Sam - A levels Physics - May 2015
Sam is a very bright and very well organized student who got straight A's in his A-levels AQA mock exams. He needed my punctual help with the part of the syllabus covering Optics and Materials. I addressed his questions regarding interference and diffraction, light fringes, materials loading and unloading. I then recommended him a very good book for his self-study, as he complained about the poor quality of his AQA book. He expects an A* at his exams.
4) Will - A level Physics OCR March-May 2015
I had bi-monthly sessions with Will on the Electricity part of the syllabus. He needed my help as he struggled with applying Kirchoff's laws to the electrical circuits. We then worked on past papers, as exams were approaching. Will is happy with his exams and now expects A's
5) George - Maths and Physics OCR A-level tuition September 2014- June 2015
I had weekly sessions with George and we covered the Physics OCR syllabus and the Maths C1, C2 and S1 syllabus. George made quick progress and now expects A's at his Maths and Physics exams.
6) Darren- Undergraduate Mechanics - September 2014 - May 2015
Darren failed his first year Mechanics exam, which meant he had to take a gap year to prepare for it. I taught him the course twice, from September to December 2014 and from January 2015 to May 2015. Darren mastered the course content and passed his resit exam with a high grade.
7) Lizzie, French, September 2013 to June 2014
Lizzie's family needed to move to France because her parents changed jobs. I met with her regularly, for 6 hours per week. We practised vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Lizzie worked really hard and I was amazed with the results: she became proficient in French and was able to adapt very well in France.
Claire, French IB September 2013 to June 2014
Claire, a Belgian native with French as her mother tongue, needed help with her French IB exam. We focused on grammar and on practising the specific IB exam methodology. She achieved a 7.
8) Alan, GCSE Maths and Triple Science, January 2013 to June 2014
Alan suffered from dyslexia and agoraphobia. He also had a very difficult and shifting relationship with his adoptive parents. He simply refused to go to school anymore and needed home tutoring. I met with him twice a week and taught him the Biology, Maths, Physics and Chemistry syllabus. This gave him back the confidence he had lost. He achieved one A and three B's at his exams.
Hobbies and Interests
I love to travel, to learn foreign languages (currently fluent in 5, studying Arabic and Galician), and to snorkel. Following my internship in the European Parliament, I became interested in EU Politics.

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