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About Me
Italian language - Italian literature
Im a CLTA qualified Italian teacher with a long teacher experience.
I graduated in Afro-asiatic languages and literatures in 2009 at La Sapienza, in Rome. My studies were very important to gain a deep understanding of how learning a foreign language works and to acquire a good knowledge of different approaches and methods.

I have been teaching Italian since 2004 to students from different countries and backgrounds, beginner through advanced level.

I favour the communicative approach and task-based method. I usually combine grammar and conversation in an accessible and dynamic way. I adopt a wide range of materials, from the latest textbooks available on the market to authentic materials such as newspaper articles, Italian movies, videos, Tv adverts, Italian songs etc.

During my lessons I conduct different linguistic activities: phonetics exercises, reading exercises, oral tasks, listening tasks, written tasks, and also role plays and games.
The four skills, speaking, writing, listening and reading, are studied and developed from the first lesson to achieve a full understanding and ability to communicate in authentic situations.

04/2015 - 05/2015 DITALS Course - Happy Languages Ltd - London
10/2014 - 11/2014 CLTA Course - Italian Cultural Institute - London
Italian Certificate in language teaching to adults (TIAFL).
09/2010 - 04/2011 Professional course in Counselling and Coaching - HKE Group - Rome (Italy)

Main focus on: Rogers approach - Gestalt - Enneagram of Herskovits - Transational analysis - Non verbal communication - Career counselling.

11/2007 - 12/2009 MastersDegree in Afro-American Languages and Literatures

Dissertation on manufacture in the Chinese works of the 17th Century"
First class honours

11/2003 - 07/2007 Bachelors Degree in Afro-American Languages and Literatures

Dissertation on "Holy and profane time in the Far East"
First class honours

Recent Tuition
I have been teaching Italian for 10 years to students of different levels, children and adults. I can give some examples.

GCSE - Sonal is a 14 years old girl. When we first met she told me that she wanted to take the GCSE, but she knew only the basics. We had one weekly tuition for 6 months and she took the exam and got a B grade.
GCSE - Alex got her GCSE in 3 months after an intensive course (three weekly tuitions).
A level - Susan is studying Classic archaeology at university. Her biggest interest is the Roman archaeology, so she decided to study Italian at a high level. I helped her prepare the A level exam and after 6 months she got it!
A level - Henrique is a journalist who decided to take the A level exam, Hes currently studying towards the exam and he will be ready in two months. Hes taking two weekly tuitions.
University - Jin is a Chinese girl who lives in Rome. Her family moved to Italy when she was 10, so she studied in Italy but, when I met her, she used to make a lot of mistakes in the written language. As she was studying at university she asked me to help her improve her Italian. We did one tuition per week for one year and then she decided to write a thesis about the Italian llanguage!
Year 9 - Kelly is a 14 years old girl. She changed school and had to choose another foreign language, so she chose Italian. When she started she was a complete beginner while her classmates had been studying Italian for 4 months, so they had studied all the basic grammar topics. In one month (twice weekly tuition) Kelly learnt what her classmates did in 4 months and she is now able to start a basic conversation about daily situations.
General Italian/Interview techniques - James is an american guy. When he started studying Italian with me his level was Intermediate but he used to make a lot of mistakes as he had never taken it serious before. He wanted to improve his Italian as he travels in Italy very often for work. After a period of intensive lessons, he is now able to speak only in Italian when he goes in Italy, using a correct language and a rich vocabulary. Also, he had three interviews in Italy and he could manage them very well, he got a contract in Milan and is now working there.
Celi5- Matt has been studying Italian for 8 years, his level is Advanced. He started studying for the Celi5 (certificate in Italian language) with me and after 3 months he got his certificate.

Hobbies and Interests
I love reading and travelling. Discovering new things and people always fascinates me.
I practice pilates and meditation.

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