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Computer Science

About Me
I have been a private tutor for over 5 years. My specialist subjects are Maths and Physics as well as Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, and computer programming. I have always been passionate about education and learning. This drove me to become a personal tutor since I was reading for my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Over the last 5 years I acquired significant experience in preparing and delivering comprehensive and engaging 1-to-1 tutorials.
Recently, my teaching abilities expanded to university level courses as I begun assisting with delivering lectures, labs and large groups tutorials.

2011 - 2015 University College London PhD Computational Mechanobiology
2008 - 2011 Kings College London BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
2004 - 2008 National College "Fratii Buzesti" Romanian Diploma de Baccalaureate (Mathematics Computer Science specialisation)

Recent Tuition
Please find below a snapshot of my private tuition experience.

Physics AS Level with Tharani - I recently started preparing with Tharani for her WJEC AS Level Physics exam. As she is very eager to learn, I am currently helping her with understanding the material ahead of class. We also have constant revision sessions where I make sure that she is up to speed with the material required for her exam.
Physics A Level with Boyd - I worked with Boyd on a regular basis when completing his AQA AS and A Levels in Physics. I helped him with better understanding the material and how to improve his problem solving skills. We also completed some mock exams in preparation for his final examination.
Chemistry AS Level with Ana - I worked with Ana for about half a year when she was completing her AQA AS Level Chemistry exam. My role was to help her consolidate the material, and sometimes provide her with further information about specific topics that she found interesting.
Chemistry AS Level with Joseph - I am currently working with Joseph every week to support him with his Chemistry , in particular chemistry related maths. I help him consolidate his learning from school, answer any questions he may have and support him with his study skills.
Maths A Level with Ramsey - I helped Ramsey with his revision for his A Level Maths Exam. As he had already covered all the material when we started, we focused mainly on improving his problem solving skills. This meant that we went over all past exam papers during the spring holiday. When we were done with the standard questions, we also covered a few additional, more complex questions that I set up for him.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy thinking about how maths and physics can be of use in answering different questions about human behaviour and about how our brain works. I like reading, pencil drawing, photography and performing arts. I am also a self taught, amateur street dancer and choreographer.

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