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About Me
My enthusiasm for my specialist subjects of History and Spanish shines through in my teaching. When I tutor a student, I try to explain why we are learning these facts and how they all come together. The ability to see the big picture and make links between isolated units of knowledge is an essential step towards getting top grades and impressing the best universities.

I also teach English Literature and English Language. In all four subjects, the ability to write well cannot be underestimated. I am a big fan of William Zinssers classic tract, On Writing Well and I try to help my students express themselves clearly. Clever ideas do not need flowery language and examiners reward clarity.
My confidence in my students ability to improve helps overcome any negative thought processes which may be holding students back. I build good working relationships with my students and have always had great results and positive feedback. I firmly believe that anyone can excel with a little help and a bit of old-fashioned effort.

2015 - 2017 City Law School, Graduate Diploma in Law
2011 - 2014 University of Oxford, History BA (Hons),
2009 - 2011, Loreto College, A*s at A Level in History, Spanish, English Literature, and General Studies
2004 - 2009, Chorlton High School, 10 A*s at GCSE in History, Spanish, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Drama, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Maths. 1 A at GCSE in Statistics

Recent Tuition

A Level History - Before coming to me, Ella struggled with exam technique and structuring her essays. After a month of tuition, Ella has gained real confidence and regularly produces excellent essay plans.
A Level History - I assisted Kate with her application to read History at Oxford. We went through past papers for the History Aptitude Test and I helped her evaluate her A Level modules with a view to using them as case studies for the exam. Kate passed the HAT test with flying colours and is now in her first year at Oxford.
GCSE Spanish - Jessica is a gifted student who lacked confidence in her Spanish speaking and listening skills. I devised a fun, informal programme to familiarise Jessica with simple Spanish conversation. She now has the confidence to give full answers to exam questions, using set phrases and increasingly improvising.
Spanish Conversation Practice - I have Spanish family and spent many summers in the mountains of southern Spain, picking up the language in a natural, informal way. Having just lived in Mexico City for six months, I offer conversation practice to Spanish students of all ages. These may take place in the relaxed setting of a cafa and typically include an hour of conversation on a pre-set theme. I am also happy to assist with grammar and written exercises.
Revision Club for Lower Years - whilst at Oxford, my personal tutor asked me and one other History student to run a regular QA session for the first year students. We were chosen for our high achievement and because our tutor believed we would motivate the younger students. We shared our notes, suggested readings, and explained difficult concepts.
Governess - I spent the summer of 2011 as a governess for Dominika Wielowieyska, a highly respected Polish journalist. My students were five year old twin boys
my job was to improve their English. I explored various teaching techniques: interactive reading, learning through play, and short essay questions. By the end of the summer, the boys had written and performed a short play in English, been able to communicate clearly with their English cousins, and were able to read age-appropriate books without assistance.

Hobbies and Interests
I graduated last summer from the University of Oxford, where I read History. I moved to Mexico after leaving university and worked with a development organisation in Mexico City for six months: by living and working in a Spanish speaking environment I achieved my goal of reaching full proficiency in the language. I also had a great time!
I moved to London in January of this year and I now split my working time between tutoring and volunteering with the Citizens Advice Bureau. I can relate to the busy lives my students lead! I always balanced academia with extracurricular commitments. As Head Girl, I had lots of responsibilities to juggle at school and I also prioritised working for my Duke of Edinburgh awards. I have always played a lot of sport: I have captained various netball and basketball teams and have a decade of competitive badminton behind me. Nowadays I play netball locally and enjoy rock-climbing and sailing when the opportunity arises! I also make time to see friends, to explore London markets, and to beat my personal record of reading fifty novels in a year!

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