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About Me
I have extensive experience in the social sciences, with a particular interest in political science/government, history, and english. I went to Columbia University in NYC for my undergrad, and also prep students for the USA college application process, ranging from scoring well on SAT, ACT, SAT II tests to essay writing and interview practice. I take tutoring seriously and am results-oriented, but also a strong sense of humor and believe that students work better with tutors they can approach freely and comfortably.

2008-2012 Columbia University (B.A. in Political Science)
2014-2015 London School of Economics (MSc in Comparative Politics, expected November 2015)

Recent Tuition

I worked as a private tutor for the Columbia University Tutoring Translating Agency from October 2010 to August 2013. I tutored Global Politics, English, American History, SAT Verbal and Writing twice a week. I also taught the Spring Semester weekly intermediate class for 15 speakers of English as a Second Language for one term.

Hobbies and Interests
I am an Eastern Europe politics buff and am currently an advisor for an NGO, the Foundation for Post Conflict Development. I am very interested in international relations, and have been able to learn about the world around me by working as an investigative reporter in Sarajevo, interning for the US State Department in Geneva, and interning for the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC.

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