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About Me
My specialist subjects are French and Spanish (I speak both fluently). I also teach English Literature/Language and History.

I build a rapport with each new student, adapting to their individual needs and personalities. I listen to them and guide them in finding the learning techniques that are best suited to achieving their success. I diversify lessons, incorporating new things learned into a variety of different situations. No student of mine is passive, they must take on the subject and with my guidance they build their own motivation and confidence.

2011-2012 Met Film School Film Making 2:1
2005-2009 Sussex University BA Hons French and Spanish 2:2
1997-2004: Elliott School, London. A Level French (A), German (B), English:
GCSEs: French (A*) German (A) Portuguese ( C),

Recent Tuition
English/History and Photography Tutor - GCSE Student:

Home-Schooling tutor for a 15 year old girl in English Literature and History in preparation for her GCSE mock exams. This student suffers from acute anxiety and cannot go to school. I am working with her to rebuild personal self esteem and confidence, and motivate her with her school work. I am also tutoring her in photography, working on projects in order to build creative skills and help her explore and express herself.

English Tutor - Various Students -2013 - 2014 Marseille

Teaching English to a range of adult and child students in Marseille, France.

Assisted children with their studies and prepared them for their BAC school exams.

Helped build confidence in speaking, pronunciation and grammar. I helped one particular girl who was shy and lacking in confidence. Through one-to-one intensive tuition, I managed to get her speaking to a level where she could speak full sentences and start to make the language her own. She was no longer too shy to speak in class, and for the first time started to enjoy learning English.

English Tutor - French child in London 2012- London

Tutored a child who had just moved to London with his family from France.
Helped him with his English KS3 homework, building confidence inconversation and preparing for written exams. Through writing practice and grammar revision, I helped him to feel more at ease and fluent for his exams. One of the keys was to make the language fit his interests. For example, I asked him to watch his favourite film in English and would set specific language questions about it as well as ask him to write a film review.

English Teacher - Various Students 2007 - Madagascar

Worked in Madagascar as an English teacher. I taught classes of children inprimary and secondary school. I also taught doctors at the local hospital, andpresented an English-speaking radio show. I was able to give them a taster of English that was not otherwise available, as well as resources in order to go out and learn for themselves.

Spanish Tutor - Secondary School Student 2007 - Brighton

Tutored a 12 year old with her Spanish, building conversation and learninggrammar techniques. This enabled her to start using the language outside of class and in more personal, everyday situations.

Hobbies and Interests
I am Film Writer and Director, and am currently working on a series of fiction and documentary projects to go into development this year. In addition to this, I work as a translator from French into English. I am currently the main translator for French news channel Africa 24s magazine series on African affairs, based in Paris.
In my spare time, I enjoy travelling - getting lost and exploring new parts of London and other European cities. I am a big francophile, having lived in France for a number of years. I am currently working on writing my first film script in French.

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