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About Me
My specialist subjects are Economics and Statistics, but I also teach Maths and Italian language and Literature. My strategy with students is to initially find ways to make the subject interesting. I think that this is particularly important in subjects such as Maths and Economics as they are often perceived as confined to the professional / academic world. I try to do this by offering real life examples of the principles or by explaining their historical context to students who appear to be interested in this. Trivia are incredibly effective to remember wider concepts.
After having gained a good level of interest I move to techniques to specifically improve the performance on exams and other types of tests. I believe that at this stage it is fundamental to listen to my tutee. Discussing the weaknesses of a student is really helpful, as sometimes worries are exaggerated and real issues are to be found elsewhere.
I really enjoy tutoring. I find it very satisfactory to teach something to someone who is keen on learning. Since UK students have to opportunity to specialise in subjects they like, I am especially looking forward to start here.
I recently graduated from the MSc Economics at UCL, focusing particularly on microeconomics and econometrics. Prior to this I obtained a Bachelors degree from the University of Siena in Italy. During my last year I was an Erasmus student at the University of Oxford - Pembroke College for nine months. Thanks to these experiences, I have a good understanding of what is required to a university student and I would be glad to help students understand that when they apply.
Apart from tutoring, I am a research assistant at UCL, working on the econometric evidence on the effectiveness of European Competition Law. At the same time, I am volunteering in the new-born UK branch of Economists without Borders, a charity that aims to offer pro bono economic consulting services to other charities.

September 2014-2015 MSc Economics UCL. Exams average 74, Dissertation 60.
September 2011-2012 Visiting student University of Oxford- Pembroke College. Seven courses undertaken: five with a first class and two with a 2.1,
September 2009-2012 BSc Economics statistic - quantitative stream. Grade 110/110.
Secondary school diploma equivalent to A-levels, Liceo G. Galilei, Siena. Grade 87/100.

Recent Tuition

Daniele, 13, Istituto Comprensivo Monteriggioni (middle school). Daniele was into his last semester of middle school and needed some help to prepare for the final exam. First, I tutored him in Maths, English and Italian where he had most difficulties then, with patience, I helped him revise most of the subjects he needed to prepare. It took me some time to capture Danieles attention. I have met with him for months on a weekly basis and, towards the exams dates, almost on a daily basis. Eventually, we discovered an effective formula for improving his performances and, in the end, he managed to pass without panicking.
Paolo, 18, Liceo Scientifico A. Volta (Secondary school), weekly tutorials in Mathematics and English. I tutored Paolo primarily in Maths and English, but I also helped with physics before some tests. Paolo needed help because some concepts from the years below were not as well assimilated, as they should have. First, I was concerned with eliminating these deficiencies. I did this by trying to make mathematic concepts less abstract, which seemed to represent the biggest problem. Once done with this, I followed the same procedure with more recent material, allowing Paolo to fully catch up.
Arianna, 17, Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei (Secondary school), Maths and Physics. Arianna is a very bright student who would not have needed any help to succeed, but recently had an eye surgery that kept her from studying for too long. I helped her go over the class material once again and tried to capture her interest by widening the scope of the topics. Arianna, a student mostly interested in the Humanities, only needed the teaching to be a bit more holistic to really excel also in quantitative subjects.
Federico, 14, Liceo Scientifico Galilei, Siena (High School).: I tutored Federico during the summer of 2013, in english and history. Federico was actually a bright student, but suffered from a mild form of Asperger, which didnt allow him to socialise as well as his peers and eventually caused him to fall behind in a couple of subjects. I tutored him during the summer to prepare him for his exam resits. He proved to be a challenging yet extremely rewarding student, as it was hard for him to follow strangers such as myself in the beginning, but once I found a good way to relate to him he had no problem learning.
Jacopo, 15, Liceo Classico Piccolomini (High School): Jacopo was a clever but not hard working a student. He mainly just required supervision, as he had no problem understanding the concepts. It was important for me to always keep him attentive and even entertained, as otherwise hed easily lose focus.
Elisa, 19, Liceo Scientifico Galilei, Siena (High School): I helped Elisa preparing for her final exam for the first couple of weeks in June. She needed mostly help with scientific subjects, such as chemistry, physics and mathematics, as she was studying them at a high level. It was a good occasion for me as well to revise advanced topics that I had not had the chance to look at with younger students.
Daniel Dwight Dyason, 20. Daniel just moved from Italy to England in order to familiarise with the country before he starts studying Business at University level next year. In the last months I helped him prepare his application to UCAS and to study for the IELTS which he still needs to take. Daniel lived in Rome all his life despite being of english nationality. I strived to help him understand the difficulties and the advantages of higher education in the UK. Since he wishes to stay in London, he applied to UCL, KCL, Royal Holloway, Cantebury and City. He has already got an offer from Royal Holloway.
Rowan, 22 University of Stirling, week of several Skype sessions on Econometrics. Rowan had to prepare for a job interview for a consulting company that makes heavy use of econometrics. Rowans degree in Psychology gave her the basic tools in data analysis but she needed some help with the specific techniques employed by econometricians. Given the little time at our disposal, I prepared an overview of the most used techniques in econometrics complete with the relative assumptions and the limitations. Afterwards I prepared a couple of practice examples to verify Rowans level of understanding. She was very keen to study the material and soon she was able to apply the theory to simple examples. She was offered the only position available, which she accepted.

Hobbies and Interests
In my free time I like to go climbing at a local gym, read books and comics or cook a meal with friends. I also like to wander around cities and travel in general.

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