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About Me
My specialist subjects are English and History. I also teach maths and English for 11+ preparation and Spanish to GCSE level. I think what makes me a good tutor is that my students feel comfortable with me and I am able to build a good relationship with them quickly. I am friendly and personable so my students feel at ease to ask questions they would not like to ask of their teachers or in front of their peers. One of my aims as a tutor is to instil the love that I have for the subject in the student. I have found that my passion and enthusiasm during my lessons make students want to learn.

Sept 2011-2014 Queen Mary, University of London First Class Honours BA Degree in History
Feb 2011 - April 2011 Open University, Arts Short Course in Shakespeare - Pass
Sept 2008 - 2010 John Leggott College A Levels in History (A), Spanish, (A), English Literature and Language (B), French (B), General Studies (B).
AS Level in Maths (B).
Sept 2006 - 2008 Hill House St Marys GCSEs in History (A*), Spanish (A*), English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), French (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Maths (A), Business Studies (A), Sports Studies (A), ICT Short Course (A)

Recent Tuition

A Level History - I worked with Sindy for six months leading up to her exam on witch-hunting in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was an open book exam, so we focused on compiling a folder that would be useful in any eventuality. She was predicted a C, but managed to secure an A which we are all very proud of. Through thorough research, efficient note-keeping, a clear understanding of the exam, and an organised folder, she was able to achieve an extremely good mark.
History AS Level - I have been working with Katherina for a month now while she prepares to resit her AS History exam. We are focusing on Russian history, mainly the Stalin period. Subject knowledge is key, as this is what let her down last time, so one of the exercises we do is that each class she gives a 5-10 minute presentation on the previous lessons topics, so that she becomes comfortable talking about the subject. We also take every opportunity to hone her essay writing skills. The last essay that she did for me showed significant improvement, and I am confident about the upcoming exam.
IGCSE English and Exam Skills with Sana: Ive been working with Sana for about two months and shes taking the cambridge IGCSE English exam this summer. She struggles with expressing her ideas on paper so we do a lot of writing exercises in a variety of different styles. We do descriptive writing, letter writing, newspaper articles etc, in order to appreciate the different ways in which language can be used. We deconstruct texts and analyse why writers choose certain devices to achieve certain aims, and then create our own. We work a lot on her grammar, spelling and punctuation and put a lot of emphasis on proof-reading and editing her own work.
IGCSE English and Exam Skills with Tanya: Tanya is taking the Cambridge IGCSE English exam this summer and weve been working together for about a month. We focus mainly on her comprehension skills and being able to understand, interpret, and explain what it is that she has read in a concise and accurate way. We work slowly and thoroughly and use past papers to get really familiar with what is required so that there are no surprises on the day. We annotate passages, looking for key words and phrases which we discuss. We also practice taking the central theme of a text and turning it into our own story with our own words. Punctuation is an issue for Tanya, so we do various punctuation exercises to improve that particular aspect of her writing that needs help.
GCSE English and Study Skills with Ashwin: I have been mentoring Aswhin for the past month while he prepares to take his GCSEs. Each week is different depending on his workload that week or if there is a particular issue he is concerned with. For example we might work on general exam technique, revision tools and techniques, a particular text (we recently worked on the Merchant of Venice for a controlled assessment he has coming up), or a particular homework task that he has (this week we have been working on a profile of Victorian society in preparation for studying the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde), or essay writing skills. I offer support and encouragement in order to build his confidence and help him in organising his workload.
English Literature GCSE - I worked with Asif for six months leading up to his exam with particular focus on Mice and Men. We read together, made detailed character profiles, studied general themes, and concentrated on essay writing. He was predicted a D and I am so proud to say that he achieved a B in his exam. He went on to study at a local college where his English skills helped him immeasurably in all aspects.
GCSE Spanish - I have been tutoring Jasmine for the past month while she prepares for her GCSE exams, and we have focused particularly on speaking Spanish. We cover a range of topics, in a range of scenarios and role-plays to keep the learning engaging. We have a good working relationship, so she does not find it uncomfortable to speak to me in Spanish, or to make mistakes in front of me. I have seen a significant improvement in her speaking skills already, as she has relaxed and become less self-conscious. I encourage her to listen to Spanish music and to watch Spanish films in her spare time, and end our lessons with a recommendation.
11+ English - I have been working with Kashi, 9 years old, for several months now and we are working on her English skills. We go through topics slowly and repetition is vital for her. This requires a lot of creativity as repetition to a child can easily become boring, which is in nobodys interest. I create different ways for her to practice a topic, ensuring that she stays motivated and engaged.
English Year 3 - I taught Farija, who is of Bangladeshi background, on a weekly basis. Our focus was on spoken English because this needed a lot of work. We did activities such as extended projects and putting together presentations about things she found interesting (her favourite animal, the zebra, for instance!).
Year 3, 4 5 English - I began tutoring Zak when he was just 8 years old and was with him until he turned 10. We spent most of our time improving his reading and writing skills and by the time he reached year 6, he was able to hold his own in his class at school. We focused particularly on his grammar and after the two years of tutoring, his spoken English had improved significantly as well. He is now in secondary school and doing very well.
English Year 2 and 4 - I taught sisters, ages 7 and 9, Famida and Mashuda, with a focused on English language building. We did a lot of reading together and then taking characters from the books and creating our own short stories, comprehension, role plays, word searches, crosswords (to increase familiarity and recognition with certain types of words), dictation, spelling exercises, as well as standard worksheets on grammar and the like. We did a lot of creative writing to spark discussion so not only fictional stories, but letters, newspaper articles etc. to encourage the student to engage with what they were doing and become comfortable in expressing thoughts verbally and on paper.

Hobbies and Interests
My interests include the theatre, books (both fiction and non-fiction), writing, films, and music. I play the piano and having completed grade 8, I can now play purely for the pleasure of it. I am currently trying to learn Portuguese and shorthand. I also try and spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.

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