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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English Literature and Drama, up to A-level, including Ba Hons lecturing experience.
I also teach Maths and Core Science up to GCSE Foundation.
I am a very friendly and open tutor. I want my students to feel relaxed in my sessions, so that they have the confidence to speak out and explore the texts we are studying. I prepare for each of my sessions well, but I have a degree of flexibility if a student wants to focus on something else.
I have good instincts with the students, and have learnt many exercises over my career as an actor and writer which can draw out certain understandings from the student. I have a passion for language and I aim to enthuse my students with this same feeling towards language: metaphors, similes and other devices are not just terms to learn for exams, but literary devices that actually bring a text to life.
Many of the students I have had in the past have seemed weighed down under the pressure of results. While this is understandable, I try to encourage them to focus less on their fears of their final result, and external pressure, and instead focus on enjoying what is in front of them. Often, I show them examples of A* grade, A grade and B grade sample answers, so they can see what is required. Quite often, they are surprised how achievable the A grades are, with just extra detail and care over punctuation and spelling.

Sept 2011-December 2013: MA in Acting and Performance from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.
Sept 2006- June 2009: BA Hons High 2:1 in English and American Literature, with Drama and Theatre Studies from The University of Kent.

English Lit: A
Biology: B
Drama: A

AS Level: Geography: A

Recent Tuition
I have 2 years worth of tutoring experience. My tutoring experience includes the following:

4+ Maths and English preparation for Amelie aged 2 and a half years:

Amelie will be sitting the 4+ in January 2016 for entrance into Perse in Cambridge or St Catherines Guilford. I have been preparing Amelie gently for this on a weekly basis. In order to keep Amelie engaged and the learning process fun, I have employed a number of enjoyable techniques. Amongst others these have includeds addition and subtraction skills. We have also focussed a great deal on Amelies communication and literacy skills, I will often read Amelie a story and ask her questions about the narrative. This encourages focussed listening and communication of her understanding.

Drama classes with 2 siblings, one aged 4 and the other aged 9:

I spend an hour each week with these students, developing their communication and creativity skills, as well as boosting their confidence and ability to concentrate. We play various games which require the children to use their imagination in a focused way, using different sources of inspiration. These children really love my sessions, and I have noticed a huge difference in the communication since Ive begun working with them.

KS2 Maths with Adam:

Adam was behind the rest of his class when it came to times tables and basic addition and subtraction. He was really reluctant to learn when I first arrived, but after only a few sessions with me his confidence, ability and passion for maths grew stronger. We would use real money when learning about adding and subtracting with money, so that he saw the practical use of maths. His timetables improved rapidly as well. Wed start each session with a mini-competition between him and I on our times tables. He likes this competitive element, and it forced him to think faster, but in a fun way.

KS3 Maths with Amir:

Amir was very good at maths, and had a passion for it. I worked with him to develop the skills that he already had, and to begin looking at the GCSE syllabus to get a head start. We spent time looking at algebra and simitaneous equations in particular.

GCSE Maths with Ali:

Alis confidence and passion for maths was almost non-existent when I began working with him a couple of months before his GCSEs. Through regular sessions, his focus and determination to do well became more evident. He ended up getting 2 full grades higher then predicted for his GCSE Maths.

KS2 English to students at the Dharitri Tuition Centre, Leyton:

Here, I have between 3-4 students working together on punctuation, creative writing, spelling and SATS preparation. The children find my sessions very engaging, and I enjoy working with them also. Any news words they may be unfamiliar with, I get them to write sentences with these words in them to help them remember the definitions.

A-Level English:

Philippine was studying at an International School here in London, required me to tutor her for her A-Level Coursework, based on Thomas Hardys Wessex Tales. We spent a lot of time discussing the themes within each of the short stories, and the socio-political context in which Hardy was writing. I assisted her with planning and structuring her coursework. She had great ideas, but stubbled with committing these ideas on to paper, so I introduced ways in which she could make it easier for herself. In my experience, a lot of students struggle with the same thing: getting their ideas in order and on paper. Planning is key.

English, with Year 9 student Devine:

Devine has, unfortunately, had 2 English teachers leave her school in a very short space of time, which has left gaps in her learning. When I started with her, her passion for English was not there, and she was confused as to what they should have been doing in class. They had been reading Jekyll and Hyde, so we spent the first few sessions exploring the themes and character within this novel. I have been working with Devine for a while now, and have covered more in my sessions then she has in her English classes, exploring various poetic forms, poetry, Shakespeare and various other proses. We have explored what it means to talk about rhythm in poetry and how that can be used to effect the reader. Devine is a lovely student to teach, and I notice her skills developing every session we have.

MA English:

I worked with Mohammed on his Literature Review for his Masters Degree. I helped him structure his review, and plan in the most productive way, as well giving booster lessons on grammar and punctuation, as English was not his first language. He contacted me a few months after he handed his Review in telling me he had got a high 2:1 for his Literature Review, when he had previously been working at a 2:2.

Year 9 English, Maths and Science:

I tutor a Year 9 girl in English, Maths and Science- (GCSE Level). When I began my sessions with her she was reluctant and hesitant to do English with me, as she preferred Maths and Science and wanted to focus on that. I brought to light the importance of English in all subjects, particularly science because the exam requirements have changed, and longer, grammatically correct answers get you 6 marks. After suggesting a few tips, she is now much more confident in her English, and her mum mentioned the other day that her English teacher is impressed with her progress in English. This student has also commented that she finds accessing questions much less intimidating after my help. This students main struggle with English was understanding when to put punctuation in, for what effect. I had a few physical exercises that i suggested, which Id learnt from acting, that helped her understand when commas are appropriate.

GCSE English:

Yesmina needed help with her English to prepare her for her GCSEs. She has dyslexia, so we worked on her confidence with reading and writing. Her coursework was on Macbeth and Othello, comparing the protagonists Fatal Flaws, and subsequent fall from grace. She admitted to me she found Shakespeare very intimating to begin with, and could not understand what it meant. For the first few sessions, I would read the passages so she could hear the words being spoken which made it easier to draw out the meaning of the language. Then we would look at more detail of certain passages, exploring the imagery that Shakespeare uses. I would help her pull out relevant quotes to support her coursework, and guide her into being able to explain the relevance of each quote. I also suggested a few theatre shows to go and see which would really bring Shakespeare alive on stage. nothing beats seeing it done well on stage.

11+ Entrance support for 9 year old twin boys:

Their mum wanted me to work on their spelling, creative writing and interview technique ahead of their 11+ entrance exams, in a couple of years. I had a list of spellings that we worked though, and any unfamiliar words Id get them to look it up in the dictionary and write sentences with the new words.

GCSE English:

Ava, 16, needed support in her GCSE English. Ive worked with her on The Tempest, and Wilfred Owen poetry. For her first piece of coursework she got an A, when previously she had been getting Bs. Her teacher has noted an improvement in not only the structure of her essay, but also the sophistication of her argument which had improved after spending a few sessions exploring the text with me.

A Level English:

Juma, 17, needed a tutor for her A-Level retake. She had not got the result she had wanted the year before, so was determined to do better. Her coursework was based on A Streetcar Named Desire. This coursework was split into two sections: the first being about the theme of loneliness within the play, and the second part involved a creative writing exercise based on one section in the play. Juma wanted to explore the play just after they take Blanche away, so she wrote a short story about Blanches experience in the hospital. After reading her first draft it became apparent that, though she had good ideas, Juma would benefit from reading a bit more from other writers dealing with madness. I brought a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories, so she could identify other ways that writers explore madness in their writing. This lifted her piece of coursework to a new level, and her final draft got her an A.

English Writing:

Hahn, from Vietnam, has been living in the UK for 9 years, but really stubbled with his written English. He wanted me to help him develop his English language skills.

GCSE English:

Sara needed help in retaking her GCSE English exams. Together we have been working through the language, transcripts and creative writing. Her confidence in writing and analysing has come along leaps and bounds, and she has been constantly hitting the higher band brackets for the work she has submitted.
I am providing coaching and tutoring for a student to prepare her for her 13 + Entry Exam in May. We have spent time focussing on what is required for various schools, as well as going over past papers.

Screen Writing BA Lecturing:

I was asked to Guest Lecture at The University of Falmouth, as part of the writing for screen course. Here, I gave feedback to the Ba Hons and Masters students on what is required in TV/ film script writing. This is one of the top institutions for Film-making so it was an honour to be asked to lecture here.

KS3 Maths, Science and Maths Tutoring:

I gave half-term booster sessions for a 14 year old girl at Bedales School to prepare her for her end of year exams. Having looked at what she had covered over the past few months at school, I created a revision timetable so we could easily manage the workload in preparing for these exams.
Science tutoring in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for two brothers- one in Year 8 and one in Year 10.

11+ Entry English Prep

I helped a lovely girl who is aiming for Godolphin and Latymer School. Since working with me, this students story writing has become a lot more structured and focused. She is writing with much more fluency, and her understanding on when to use correct punctuation is much clearer and consistent. She has been keeping a word bank since I began working with her and enjoys using these new words in her stories and other writing.

Teaching assistance work with an 11 year old boy with ADHD:

I worked with this boy every week day for six weeks and noticed a steady improvement in his ability to focus and concentrate on his work, in maths and English. He was working at a much lower level then average so he needed a tutor who was patient and able to explain the work in a way that was clear and logical for him.

Hobbies and Interests
I love reading, so I always have a book I can recommend. I try and go to the theatre as often as my timetable will allow. Seeing live-theatre is an incredible experience. I spend time writing, also.

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