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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English and English Literature and I also teach English as a Foreign Language and Primary Level Maths.
I am an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who works hard to ensure that her students achieve their very best. I see each student as an individual with individual learning needs and capabilities, I work collaboratively with them to work out the most effective form of teaching to suit these needs.
I have a natural affinity with children and am a very supportive teacher - helping students to maximise their potential through building their confidence and enjoyment in the subject. I am also a creative teacher and am constantly looking for ways to make my teaching dynamic, enjoyable and conducive to learning.

Sept 14-July 16. Kingston University. MA Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
Sept 04-July 05. Exeter University. PGCE Early Years Education.
Sept 03-Oct 03. International School Exeter. Trinity CertTESOL (B)
Sept 00-June 03. Exeter University. BA (Hons) English Studies (2:1)
Sept 98-June 00 - Beaconsfield High School. A Levels - English Lit (A), History (A), German (B). AS Level Music (B)
Sept 96-June 98 - Beaconsfield High School. GCSES. 9 Graded A*-B

Recent Tuition

Previously a Year 1 class teacher, working with SEN children and children with English as an additional language.
Tuition with a 6 year old who had previously lived and been educated abroad. Dealing with the substantial gaps in her learning particularly in terms of English and Maths in order to be able to start in a private UK school in Year 2. Gradually taking her from her experience of a more game like learning approach to a more formal one, readying her to be an independent learner rather than dependent on teaching staff, through giving her a variety of strategies that she could use successfully by herself.
Ongoing tuition with a 9 year old student needing help with maths and creative writing. In terms of creative writing, working up from word and sentence level to text level and looking particularly at self checking strategies. In terms of numeracy, as a very able student we are working at pushing him towards the next year objectives.
Ongoing tuition with a 9 year old student looking at 11+ maths work and creative writing. This student lacks confidence in both areas, so we are supporting and building calculation strategies to use when problem solving and in literacy concentrating mainly on word and sentence level work.
Ongoing tuition with a 5 year old working on targets to do with behaviour, phonics - particularly vowel and consonant digraphs and dipthongs and basic numeracy.
Ongoing tuition with a 4 year old, readying him for entering a reception class in September, supporting him with phonics and language work as well as number concepts - working through a game approach.
Ongoing literacy and numeracy tuition with an 11 year old dyslexic student who has weaknesses in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, focusing on these, through authentic written contexts and providing opportunities for creative writing in order to use what he has been learning. In terms of numeracy focusing on improving his mental calculation strategies, looking at breaking each type of calculation down into smaller and more manageable chunks in order to make him more independent.
Ongoing online tuition with a 10 year old student with near native proficiency in English, improving her accuracy and spoken fluency, working on writing skills - extending her ideas and improving her vocabulary.

During my 6.5 years in Greece I had a wide range of students, working on their proficiency in the English Language. Here is a selection of some of them

Long term tuition with student from 6 years old to 12 years old. Working on knowledge of English grammar and across the 4 key skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking. Entrance exam preparation for prestigious American school - Anatolia College. She passed the entrance exams with very high marks and has since completed her first term there gaining a very high grade on her first report.
Tuition work with a student from 12-14 years old preparing her for her first level English language exams. She passed both the FCE and ECCE exams with high marks.
Tuition work with older student wanting to take IELTS exam and move to England. Focus on writing and essay skills. He went on to pass his IELTS exam with high marks.
Tuition work with a severely dyslexic child starting when he was 7 years old until the time he turned 12. Using a range of phonic, word and sentence level strategies to help him with English grammar and vocabulary.
Tuition with several pre-school children, interactive sessions based on vocabulary acquisition in English. One of which on holiday in England was able to communicate simple words and phrases.

Hobbies and Interests
I love travelling and completed a round the world trip from July 2007 - January 2008, including travelling to Canada, United States, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
I enjoy learning languages and became fluent in Greek whilst living there. I am currently learning Italian.
I also have a keen interest in photography and music.

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