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About Me
I believe teaching is a talent, so when I say what makes me a good tutor I would simply state that ever since I was a student in school I was mostly popular for being a good resort after a professor, my teachers themselves used to make me stand in the class and explain for my class mates. From when I was 15 till this day any of my classmates who faces trouble understanding something they go to me by default because they believe "I make it sound more easier and interesting" and I have the ability to deliver the message as clear as possible.

As a student who value education and who have been admired by professors and students for having the skill and the heart of a teacher, teaching became more of a passion than a job to me. For that very reason I have so far taught in three contexts university students, high school students, and I have also worked in a preschool/nursery.

I have taught both one on one and in class context. In every stage of these I made sure the student understood why he is studying this and how to apply it in real life. For me there is no such thing as a failure student, its the teachers job to redirect and capture their skills
Due to my deep enthusiasm while teaching, above 70% of my high school students chose to major in that very subject I taught, Economics. Today I only get the most cheerful comments from my students once they got in to their universities. They all report very high grades and with much gratitude that they believe they were a lucky class because I taught them.

As for the younger grades I have no less passion, I admire young ages and I love to make a connection with them, especially the ones who have trouble studying or figuring out their way. I have taught students who simply hated school and refused to study, and their parents reported the change in their behaviour after i taught them. My answer was always : Provide incentives. Through my experience i learned how to give the right incentives for every student to trigger him to work and do more than simply memorise.

My specialist subjects are:

Introduction to Micro Economics and Macro Economics as well as History of Economics, Psychology, Business (First year Year undergraduate level, High school)
English and Maths (All young grades 5-12)
Arabic ( all ages)

2014- present Msc Public Policy and Administration, The London School of Economics (LSE)
2009-2013 - BA Economics and Minor in Psychology, American University in Cairo (AUC), GPA 3.87, Highest honours standing, ranked third on class.
2006-2009 Egyptian American International School GPA : 3.9 Highest Honours

I aim to pursue my PHD and become a professor

Recent Tuition

2013-2014: Taught Economics for High School students both in classroom context and one on one
2010 -2013 - Assisted Economics professors at AUC during my undergraduate studies
I have also worked in the American University Child Care Centre, where I taught young Kids (2-6 years old)
I have worked in an NGO where I taught illiterate people from the age group 7-11

Some Case studies:

Primary level, English and Maths- 5 years old Anna, Anna was struggling in school, her teachers reported that she was shy and not interactive in class. I was very delighted to go to Anna on weekly basis to develop a conversation and made her more excited about learning. We did English and Maths together besides working on her confidence where I made her share stories and present to me. I definitely love working with young ones and her parents were very happy of my ambitious attitude towards her. Anna is now doing very well in school
IGCSE Economics, Introduction to Economics (Macro and Micro), 18 years old Yasmine. When Yasmine first came to me she told me about her failure attempts to understand the basic economic theories and her grades reflected this issue. So we met twice a week during my office hours and I taught her economics from scratch. I wanted to make sure she could make some logical inferences about each theory so that she can make sense of them without the need to memorize. I gave her weekly essay questions where she not only had to state a theory (I.e. Adam smith and the Invisible hand), but she had to argue against or with that theory, where she may reflect using nowadays circumstances. This way I ensure that learning isnt a matter of memorization, but its a matter of deep understanding of the core concepts of the subject. The student was able to make sense of why she is studying this course and how can she make use of it in her everyday life.
--t my only case, I taught the whole Grade 12 class Economics and proudly I can say that 80 % of them received on average 95% , more than half of my students chose to major in Economics, and have scored very high grades in their courses at university as many of them reported. Others who majored in other disciplines still explain to me how much they feel they have an edge over others.As they say "you taught us for life!"
Primary level, English and Maths, 10 years old Rania wasnt doing very well in school and needed help with homework and day to day school work, we met twice a week worked on essay writing and structure, literature reading as well as maths and basic algebra, happily this year she improved from earning on average C to A- and is now more confident about herself.
American Diploma, Economics, 17 years old Seif came to me because he was constantly failing his economics class, we met on weekly basis, and he was given extra homework than that of the school and weekly assessment. Seif finished his Final exam with a B+ his parents cannot believe it. He got accepted in his chosen university and as a result he chose to major in Economics
IB (HL) Economics , weekly tuition (12 hours in total) for Tala , whose preparing for her exams. we covered all the curriculum in 12 hours of tutoring. Tala wanted more improvement in essays in specific so we also worked together on how to enhance her writing where I worked on deepening her knoweldge in most HL topics drawing on real life examples. Based on her words, it was a very effective tuition !
Cambridge International Examinations Pre-U - Economics. Weekly tuition (12 hours in total) for Addy who was preparing for her Pre-U Economics Exam. Addy was having a hard time catching up with her class mates and her teachers believed she has issues with background material that made her struggle to move forward with her class mates. After our tuition Addy reported much more confidant performance in class and better understanding for Economics. Now she is able to continue practising on her own without need for external help.

Job Applications: Omar was a marketing major student

he applied for various vacancies in Banking and consultancy agencies where he had to pass testes in General business and Economics. We met for a whole month preparing for the testes. He successfully passed the banking test and is now recruited in HSBC.

Primary level, Various subjects

Kareem was struggling with understanding English, His parents were unable to give him support at home as they were only Arab speakers, they wanted an Arab who knows speaks English very well who could help Kareem with all his school subjects. I worked closely with Kareem, Making learning as fun as possible for him. We go over all the classwork he did in School and do his homework. I also provide him with extra assessments to make sure he is right on track. The boy is just amazing and is doing great in school - His family are relived

Hobbies and Interests
Baking, cooking, reading, painting and drawing, giving presentations and story telling

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