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About Me
My specialist subjects are Italian and Spanish languages and I also teach Russian language.

My first aim is to satisfy students tailoring lessons according to their requirements and personality. I love listening to my students and I always try to find the best way to connect their interests to what they are studying. I consider variety extremely important: I plan lessons using different sources and exercises to offer an enjoyable lesson, keep students focussed and make them acquire a full expertise in the subject. Thanks to my previous teaching experience I learnt to present ideas clearly and effectively, using time to the best advantage. I developed excellent study skills and during my lessons I try to teach an effective study method besides specific knowledge of the subject. I am patient and determined: I use these qualities to make students feel in a protected environment and I try to instill these values in pupils to help them to face new challenges with a positive attitude. In conclusion, I am Italian, so I love to bring a smile and sincere passion in what I do!

2013-2014 UCL MA Russian Studies
2009-2012 University of Bologna (Italy) MA Translation (Spanish and Russian) (Final mark: 110/110 with honours)
2005-2009 University of Genoa (Italy) BA Foreign Languages and Literatures (Spanish and Russian) (Final mark: 110/110 with honours)
1999-2005 Secondary School "E. Cairoli" in Classical Studies (final mark: 95/100)

Recent Tuition

December 2014, Spanish Pre-U: worked intensively with an English teenager needing support preparing for his Spanish Pre-U. Became familiar with the British curriculum and enhanced my ability to prepare long and complete, yet enjoyable lessons.
I have worked as a one-to-one tutor in Italy with a variety students, teaching:

English Language to Francesco, Key Stage 4: I worked with Francesco on a regular basis to improve his results in English. In few months of practice together, Francesco moved from grade 5/10 to grade 7/10 in his tests.
Latin and Classical Greek to Giulia, Key Stage 3: Giulia needed some support when she began secondary school and in a brief period I was able to teach her an effective study method and instill confidence, so she was able to continue to study successfully alone.
Italian to Augustin, 18-years-old teenager who moved to Italy to work: I worked with Augustin to help him to acquire basic linguistic skills such as reading and communicating with other people in everyday life.
Russian to Ombretta and Sandro, adults interested in Russian culture: I worked for few months with Ombretta and Sandro teaching them the Russian alphabet, reading, basic conversation and discussing themes of Russian literature. Our lessons stopped due to their busy work schedule.

I also have an experience as Teaching Assistant Intern in an Italian secondary school with a high number of foreign pupils with integration problems and disrupted education. I worked both inside the classroom supporting teachers and alone with small groups of disadvantaged students teaching them Italian and other school subjects. I alternated activities that involved the whole group with exercises in pairs and attention on single students. Skills gained:

Group Management: Learned to manage groups of young people with different cultural and linguistic background and at a critical age
Presentation: Developed the ability to present information clearly and effectively
Interpersonal: Achieved a balance between authority and a more informal relationship with students, listening to their needs and trying to motivate them in difficult moments
Assessment: Held regular meetings with teachers giving personal feedback on students

Hobbies and Interests
I am passionate about languages and literature. In my spare time I love reading, spending time outdoors and practising sport. I used to play volleyball when I was at school, while in the last years Ive practised contemporary dance, martial arts, yoga and trekking. I love music as well: I used to play the guitar and I was fond of rock music, now I listen to music both to relax and get energised. I easily get passionate about new things, I am extremely curious, especially about different countries and cultures, and I am always happy to discover new interests and expand my knowledge.

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