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About Me
Teaching English as a Foreign Language and History are my specialisms, but I can also teacher Politics, Economics and beginner/elementary Chinese. I am a patient and considerate teacher, I try hard to challenge my students with engaging material that appeals as much as possible to their own interests and their own learning styles. Moreover, having a personal passion for learning and having been tutored before, Ive experienced both sides of the tutoring process and I feel this gives me more understanding of the difficulties and rewards we can encounter when being tutored.

2013-2014: London School of Economics- MSc in Comparative Politics
2005-2008: Kings College London- BA in History
2003-2005: Chesham High School- AAA in History, Politics and Economics (won school prizes for History and Economics)

Recent Tuition
I have long-term experience tutoring one-to-one English as a Foreign Language. I have generally taught this at an advanced level although have delivered small group tuition too. Most recently, 2013 February - July I had an advanced level English student who made significant progress in his English grammar and reported substantially more confidence when presenting ideas at his workplace.

Hobbies and Interests
What I enjoy teaching are to a large degree also my hobbies- I love reading about history, staying up to date with politics and current events and am self-taught in Mandarin Chinese. I also like travelling (I lived in China for four years) and love watching films.

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