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About Me

My specialist subjects are Physics and Maths. I have taught both subjects for over 10 years at varying levels, from primary to Degree Level. Ive always had passion for science and I love sharing it with my students. Physics and maths are well-known difficult subjects but I can make them easy and fun! All my students look forward to their lessons with me every week and seeing that makes me love my job even more! I focus on the students needs first. I understand their struggle and guide them through their studies. I make sure they believe in themselves by boosting their confidence.

2015-2017 UCL Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (September start)
2009-2010 London School Of Business And Finance - CIM
2006-2007 Canakkale onsekiz Mart University - MASTERS OF EDUCATION (Scholar)
2002-2006 Canakkale onsekiz Mart University - PHYSICS BSc (Scholar)
1997-2001 High School for Skilled Students, Turkey- Science and maths major with A* grades only
1994-1997 Secondary School, Turkey - Science(A*), Maths(A*), Geometry(A*), Art(A), Geography(A*), History(A), PE(A*, National awards and gold medals in athletics)


Teacher training
Dyslexia training with BDA
SEN- Communicating with children with special needs.
NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Recent Tuition
I would like to share a brief summary of my current and past experience with you.

Maths, 11+
Ollie has his exam in Autumn 2015 and he is looking forward studying with his brother whom I helped get into Eton last year.

Maths 11+
George and I started working together a few week ago. He has dyslexia but he says he understands questions better now. We will be working together throughout the summer too.

Maths, 13+ Scholarship Exam preparation.
Jasper is an extremely bright student whose only target is to get in to The Winchester College. Ive been challenging him hugely for the last few months and he is doing great!

Physics and Statistics, AS Level
Jeremy is dyslexic and he was really struggling with both subjects when we started 3 weeks ago. Ive taught him how to do his self-study and he finds it easier now and he became very curious about physics. I receive texts from him everyday, asking me questions and showing me his work. Its amazing to his progress!

Maths and Physics, IGCSE
Alexandra has been my student since last December and she real enjoys learning more every week. Shes already decided to take both subjects in the sixth form.

Mechanics, A2 Level
Mehmet needed an intensive study to catch up with Mechanics. We covered it all over a three-day period. It was fun and beneficial.

Physics, A2 Level
Omar said that he found A2 Physics very hard when we first started but he loves it now! He is aiming for an A*!

Maths, 11+ Common Entrance.
Areeb is a gifted student of mine. We have been studying together for over a year now and although he is just turning 11, he can answer higher GCSE Maths questions. He says I encourage him!

Maths, IB Diploma Maths.
Natalie studies at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland and we catch up on half-terms/ school holidays. Ive even been invited to join them with their holidays abroad.

Physics, AS Level.
Fatema has Dyscalculia and Dyslexia and Ive been helping her with her physics since the beginning of last year. I achieved the impossible with my help! she says. We started with GCSE Physics last year and now continuing with AS Physics.

Physics, A2 Level.
Jason is a determined student. He wanted to know everything about AS Physics last year and he, expectedly, got an A. We are starting again with A2 WJEC Physics.

Physics, IGCSE Edexcel.
Tom and Phoebe were classmates and they both achieved A*s after only a couple of months with me!

Physics and Maths, GCSE (AQA).
Amin and I started through an agency last March and his level was U in both subjects. I helped him with Maths intensively and he achieved a B in May! We also went through all Physics past papers together in May and the result is remarkable.

Maths, SATs.
Naim has been a lovely students of mine since last year. He has Dyscalculia and it was never recognised by his school teachers. He was 10 when we started and I helped his family with the diagnosis and finding a child psychologist.

Physics and maths, HND (Higher education)
Mike is becoming an engineer and he thought I could help him boost his confidence. He travels a long way to have lessons with me. I had never done this level before but I guess having enough confidence in the subjects I teach helps a lot!
I have hundreds of examples I could give you but my lessons will speak for themselves!

Hobbies and Interests
I love travelling! Learning about cultures and lives that are so different than mine amazes me. I often attend seminars and conferences about science or politics. I follow Institute of Physics, Science Museum and pay them occasional visits. I also love swimming, diving, cycling and dancing Salsa.

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