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About Me
My special subjects are French and Italian (native speaker of both) up to degree level as well as Arabic (in which I have a degree from Oxford) to the same level and am familiar with all exam boards. I can also teach German to A-Level (AQA) and am comfortable with History (specifically modules relating to the Middle East/Islam as well as the history of France) and have experience in this regard with working through coursework. Lastly, I offer Schools Entrance, UCAS and Oxbridge advice, tutoring and interview preparation.
I believe that what makes me a good tutor is a high level of patience as well as an strong ability to set realistic, but nonetheless ambitious goals. Furthermore, having been diagnosed with dyslexia at 21 but no-doubt suffered from it for much longer, I am also able to clearly see where a student is struggling and am flexible in my approach to teaching as a result - it might not make for an obvious pattern of learning but the results are what drive the approach.

2009-2013: Oxford University, BA (Hons) - Oriental Studies (Arabic Islamic Studies)
2008: Eton College, A-Levels - German (A), Italian (A), Economics (A), Maths (B)
2007: Eton College, AS-Levels - German (A), Italian (A), Economics (A), Maths (A), Physics (A)
2005-2006: Eton College, GCSEs - Maths (A*), German (A*), French (A*), Chemistry (A), Latin (A), Classical Civilisations (A), English (A), English Language (A), History (A)

Recent Tuition
Italian A-Level/UCAS Oxbridge Applications, Ella:

Ongoing Italian A-Level (AQA) tuition, focussing on language and cultural aspects of the syllabus. Also worked with Amanda on a regular basis completing her Personal Statement and UCAS applications to read Italian and/or History of Art - I helped her focus her application as well as getting her Italian language and affinity with the culture to a level that would allow for successful entry into a top university. We are also conducting some informal interview preparation sessions in case she was offered an interview, either at Pembroke College, Oxford or UCL.

Schools Entrance/13+, Giulio

Schools Application with Giulio - I worked with Giulio on a regular basis, both face-to-face and via skype, when going through the process of identifying and applying to schools in the UK from Italy. I helped him focus his application as well as getting his English language and affinity with the culture to a level that would allow for successful entry. We also completed some informal interview preparation sessions. Giulio was offered places at Eton (which he accepted), Winchester, Radley and Harrow. I continue to tutor Giulio French, History, Maths and English as he prepares for his 13+/Common Entrance examinations.

Degree-Level French, Florence:

Florence was reading for a degree in Arabic Islamic Studies at Oxford and during her year-abroad she was attending a year-long language and research course in Damascus. The institute however only operated in Arabic and French so I worked with Florence on her French speaking and listening as well as her reading comprehension and writing. Her level of comfort in French improved to a sufficient level that she was able to cope with the workload and class schedule in two foreign languages. She was able to gain as much from her year as her fellow, predominantly French class-mates, and has been predicted a first in her degree.

GCSE French/UCAS Applications, William:

Tutored William for GCSE French focussing on improving his predicted grade from a B. We focussed on the core requirements of the examination, developing a strategy to overcome his struggles with grammar due to his dyslexia, as well as greater oral fluency. William was able to gain an A* in his examination. I have also advised William on his A-Level choices, and helped him with his A-Level History coursework, as well as his subsequent UCAS Applications. William was offered a place at Bristol, Exeter and Leeds and will start reading for a degree in History Politics at Exeter next year.

French GCSE/A-Level, Roya:

Roya is a bright student, whose first language is Iranian and therefore she struggles with French vocabulary, although her command of the grammar is impressive. During tutorials we focussed on tailoring her vocabulary learning to the course, and developing her familiarity with French written and spoken expressions. Roya achieved an A* in her French GCSE, has been predicted an A in her AS-Level French and is considering a degree in French, combined with either History or Oriental Studies.

Hobbies and Interests
Since my school days I have maintained a keen interest in both rowing and sailing and I try to get on the water as often as possible. Furthermore I am a qualified RYA Sailing Instructor and have experience teaching children from 9-18 sailing skills and general water safety. I am also an active participant in my local British Military Fitness club. Culturally I also try to keep up my ties with France, Italy and the Middle East - either by travelling there to visit friends and family or by actively looking for events in and around the London area which draw my attention. This ranges from regularly attending events at Chatham House or simply going to a concert for a visiting Lebanese folk band.

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