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About Me
Im 22 and a recent Law Graduate from Oxford. Im now living in London while I study for a Masters in Medical Ethics and Medical Law at KCL. I really enjoy tutoring and endeavor to develop a strong relationship with my students. I am driven by the feeling of a success when a student begins to make progress and feel more confident in their subject. I see tutoring as a great opportunity for students to reach their potential and always try to encourage students to develop their interest in a subject as well as the skills, strategies and knowledge needed to excel in it.

My specialist subjects are English and French. I also teach Classical Studies/History, Biology, Philosophy and Law. I really enjoyed Classical Studies at school, particularly my studies of the literature and of ancient architecture. In addition, I have strong anaylsis, argumentation, strategy and writing skills which are of benefit in any subject and for interview preparation. At Oxford I was a successful competitive debater and accumulated a significant amount of experience teaching the skill to secondary school and University students. This has helped me in my role as tutor to engage enthusiastically with students and to communicate information in a way that contributes to understanding and retention without resorting to rote-learning.

Oct 2011- June 2014 BA Law University of Oxford
September 2005 - June 2011 Wesley College Dublin:
Irish Leaving Certificate (A-level equivalent) English A1, French A1, Maths A1, Biology A1, Classical Studies A2, Business Studies A2, Irish A1.
Irish Junior Certificate (GCSE equivalent) English A, French A, Maths A, Science A, History A, Geography A, Irish A, Classical Studies A, Business Studies A, Civic, Social and Political Education A, Religious Studies A.

Recent Tuition
I will be hosting sessions on medical ethics with 1st and 2nd year medical students throughout this year as part of a teaching programme. The sessions are designed to engage students in critical thinking on ethical matters that will likely arise in the course of their careers. I will also be a Debate Mate mentor during this academic year. Debate Mate mentors run debate clubs in areas of high child poverty and aim to provide students with confidence, interpersonal communication skills, and higher order thinking.
Debate Coach at Wesley College, Dublin (January - June 2015)

I was responsible for Junior and Senior weekly House Meetings during which I worked through a variety of motions and strategies with the students, as well as controlling the various personalities and energies present! I prepped individual students for public speaking and debating competitions and was responsible for their welfare and performance at those competitions.

Private Tutor (January - June 2015)

I tutored a student preparing to take his Junior Certificate (GSCE equivalent) English Exam in June 2015. We worked on improving the quality of his work, in particular through better planning of answers. We also focused on grammar and spelling as these areas were relatively weak. We prepared Romeo and Juliet, Of Mice and Men and a variety of poems in addition to practicing answers on unseen texts. I made comprehensive notes on each of the texts for him to use as a study aid. I also corrected practice exams papers and together we went through my comments in detail to find areas for improvement. In particular, I worked to improve the students ability to apply himself to his work. This student showed increased enthusiasm for his subject and improved performance by the end of the year. We will continue tutoring this coming academic year, focusing additionally on critical thinking and debating/public speaking skills
I also tutored a student in her second year of secondary school. She had come to Ireland from Korea at the start of the year and our main focus was improving her English language skills and ensuring that she stayed on top of lessons at school. I integrated expanding her vocabulary with work on her studied texts (Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird). Her confidence grew enormously over the course of the year and she began to make great progress in her studies and to enjoy her school life a lot more.


I tutored a student preparing to take his Junior Certificate (GCSE equivalent) Irish Oral and Written Exams in June 2015. The student was very nervous about the oral exam but with practice and support he felt ready to do his best on exam day. We focused on exam technique for his written exam as the Irish exam has a complex marking scheme and many component parts.


I tutored a 6th year (Year 12 UK equivalent) pupil for his Oral and Written French exams. Oral preparation each week consisted of running through a practice oral exam, followed by my suggestions on how to expand and improve answers. These suggestions were typed up and sent to the student for revision over the week. The student saw significant improvement in his oral abilities and was very happy with his performance in the exam. Preparation for the written exam focused on helping the student to write essays as he was initially slow to generate ideas for the content required. The student quickly picked up techniques to help to weave his vocabulary into the planning process and to go from one idea succinctly to the next.

School Tutor (Academic Year 2008/2009)

In my fourth year of secondary school I tutored a first year student suffering from dyslexia. This consisted of daily lessons after school. I assisted with homework and exam preparation. I helped the student to manage the new academic demands of secondary school through new study techniques and time management. Often, I had to look for innovative ways to help the student understand and retain information, for example, he learned best when having to give answers aloud. We would then focus on writing ability once a firm grasp of the material had been established as this proved the best way for him to improve his overall performance at school.

Assistant Drama Teacher with the Emer Halpenny School of Drama, Dublin (Academic Year 2008/2009)

Carried out weekly drama activities with 5-7 year olds and directed their Christmas play.

Additional Experience

I have also worked on CVs, application letters and interview techniques with students applying to university and to jobs.
I have experience from Oxford as a debating coach on topics ranging from basic skills in argumentation and strategy to content-related workshops on moral and political philosophy and current affairs. I also have international experience in this area. For example, I taught international affairs, political philosophy and technique/strategy at DAPDI (an international debating program attended by university students) in Rotterdam during July 2012 and an intensive debate course at Kings College School in Madrid in March 2013. Much of this teaching involved helping students develop good habits and intuitions in argumentation, an important skill for any essay-based subject.

Hobbies and Interests
I played defence for my college hockey team and hosted student radio show with a friend. I was heavily involved in competitive debating during my time at Uni and particularly enjoyed helping at the school competitions run by the Union.
I am currently volunteering with Medact, a charity working to promote health worldwide. I am also a volunteer with the Free Representation Unit in social security and employment law. The unit helps those not eligible for legal aid I will be personally responsible for seeing cases and clients through the Tribunal process. The role requires legal reasoning and advocacy skills.

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