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About Me
I specialise in teaching Spanish and French at all levels, from beginners up to pupils preparing for GCSE and A levels, in particular those pupils studying the AQA syllabus. I also teach Italian from beginner to GCSE level and English as a Second language up to the level of Cambridge Proficiency in English examination. As with all new students I meet to offer personal tuition, I spend a good deal of the first lesson finding out exactly what you are looking to achieve and when you hope to achieve it, so that we can personalise a programme of study and make sure that all of our lessons are directly related to that goal. I have taught a wide variety of pupils, ranging from children with autism, Downs Syndrome and ADHD to career-driven professional adults who wish to gain a certain grade in a particular qualification and who have obvious time constraints which make it imperative for us to attainable goals quickly and effectively.

Sept 1993 - June 1994: University of Liverpool - PGCE French and Spanish
Sept 1983 - June 1987: University of Leeds - BA (Hons) French and Spanish (II:i)
Sept 1976 - June 1983: Maghull Grammar School:
A levels: English Literature (A), French (A), Spanish (A), General Studies (A)
O levels: English Language (A), English Literature (A), Mathematics (A) French (A), Spanish (A), Latin (A) and three other subjects

Recent Tuition
I have been a teacher of pupils studying for their GCSEs and A levels in Spanish, French and Italian for twenty years in England, and have offered private tuition throughout that time as pupils personalise their goals in order to achieve the best possible results: it is usual for most students to aim for and achieve at least a grade A. I have also taught pupils studying for the Cambridge Proficiency in English examination, where a grade A is probably too difficult for most native speakers of English to attain - however, with personalised tutoring, students of mine have achieved just that!

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from teaching, I love the theatre, and attend as many performances as possible throughout the year. I also enjoy a wide range of other interests, including photography, foreign travel, running and cycling, which I pursue every day. I love swimming, cooking, reading and creative writing as well - in fact, its trying to find the time to take part in all of these interests thats the hardest part!

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